The delicate situation of Federico, brother of Joaquín Prat, who is asking for alms and looking for work

Federico Prat, brother of Joaquín Prat, the presenter of The Ana Rosa program, took a different direction from television and always lived away from the media spotlight, unlike the rest of his family. Su situación actual es de lo más complicated, ya que se encuentra sin trabajo, vive de alquiler en un pequeño piso de La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) y pide limosna en la calle, tal y como el mismo ha detallado recientemente en una entrevista with Channel 8.

Federico Prat is the youngest son of journalist and presenter Joaquín Prat and Marianne Sandberg, as well as the brother of Joaquín Prat and Alejandra Prat. However, life has not smiled on him in the same way as the rest of his family and he is currently in the most precarious conditions. “I came here to La Línea looking for work,” he revealed to the aforementioned outlet.

The complete Prat brothers, Alejandra, Andrea, Joaquín and Federico

The complete Prat brothers, Alejandra, Andrea, Joaquín and Federico


“Nine years ago I came for love, I went back and forth because I lived in Chipiona and now I have settled here. I live on the street because I don’t have any more” , recognized the man, who is going through a bad time in his life, and he needs the help of others to be able to survive. He doesn’t do it for the help of his family, with whom he doesn’t have a good relationship, which is why he resorted to “street begging”. “The people of La Línea are wonderful, they help me, they feed me,” he says, very grateful.

With the money he gets from the street, thanks to all the charitable souls he meets, Prat barely manages to pay his rent. “Right now I have a roof over my head, I have my house and I pay the rent with what I get from the streets. I don’t spend it on drugs or alcohol, only on rent and I invite everyone to check it out”, assured in front of the cameras and the microphones of Channel 8.

Joaquín Prat's brother lives in precarious conditions

Joaquín Prat’s brother lives in precarious conditions

Channel 8

In his case, the profession he chose was very far from the world of communication, the sector where a large part of the family was consolidated. Federico chose the merchant navy, but this means no obstacles to being able to work in something else, and he assured that he wanted with all his desire to get a job. “If anyone has a job in anything…I’m a merchant marine, but as a waiter, as a painter…it doesn’t matter, think of me. I’m a serious, hardworking person, I ‘invite everyone to come to Calle Real to see me, I’m still sitting there,’ he said.

“I’m actively looking for work and I need to work, because you can’t be on the streets all your life,” added Joaquín Prat’s brother during the interview. Regarding his family, Federico admits that he prefers not to go to them, because he has “a somewhat delicate relationship, for many problems, and I’m not very happy with them. We don’t have a good relationship , we barely speak”. to each other.” Some statements may reveal that your family may not know what situation you are in.

Precisely Joaquín Prat spoke last May in an interview with Jesús Calleja about the relationship with his brothers. A subject with which he has always been most discreet. “I have my brothers Alejandra, Andrea and Federico, but he’s a special boy. In the end, we all choose a path in life and those paths lead you away or separate you from those who love you,” said the then presenter. Undoubtedly, the relationship between them is not the best. However, Federico’s future could change after this interview, and who knows if the two brothers could make a connection.

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