Betis: Mallorca – Betis: summary, result and goals (1-2)

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Sevilla ABC’s Sergio Ávila: “Six from six for Betis, who are packed with wins in two games after beating Real Mallorca at Son Moix with two penalty goals from Borja Iglesias. At half-time they are left with an advantage the Verdiblancos (0-1), but in the second half the team of Javier Aguirre was reactivated, which did not stop its efforts until a nice combination between Jaume Costa and Kang In Lee ends with a precise header from Muriqi, who beat Rui Silva Mallorca evened the game, but it didn’t take long for Pellegrini’s side to come forward again to plant the ball in the field of his rival. final 1-2, with a brace for Panda. Juanmi scored the third goal in his boots in a game that was increasingly stopped, with more interruptions and many cards. González Fuertes showed up to fifteen cards He knew how to endure Betis and hold on to the marker to place himself momentarily in the lead with his second victory. re of the season”.


Final! Final! Final! Betis beat Mallorca in a big test of Pellegrini’s defensive mettle. Borja Iglesias leaves the Verdiblancos as co-leaders of LaLiga Santander, above Osasuna on goal difference.


Min 92 (1-2): Oops! Maffeo attempted the overhead kick, which was about to catch Rui Silva off guard.


Min. 87 (1-2): New succession at Betis: William Carvalho leaves and Loren Morón enters.


Min 85 (1-2): Oops! Kang In Lee almost scored. The Korean ran into the woods after a direct free kick, and Jaume Costa collected the rebound against Rui Silva, who stretched his leg to save Betis.


Min 79 (1-2): New replacement at Betis: Borja Iglesias leaves and Paul Akouokou enters.


Min 75 (1-2): Wow!!!! Almost makes the third Juanmi! Málaga sped off, looking for the opposing post with a nice shot, but very little missed.


Min. 72 (1-2): GOOOOOOOOOOOL of Betis!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOL by Borja Iglesias! The Galician scores the second penalty of the afternoon at Son Moix.


Min. 69 (1-1): PENALTY in favor of Betis! Nabil Fekir fell in the area against Battaglia and González Fuertes did not hesitate to score the maximum penalty.


Min 64 (1-1): Change at Betis: Rodri leaves and Rober enters.


Min 57 (1-1): GOAL from Mallorca! Muriqi draws. The Kosovar fended off Edgar and beat Rui Silva.


Min 54 (0-1): Fekir is now absent in midfield. Betis wanted to get out of it quickly, who currently hold the advantage in the Balearic Islands without too many worries behind.


Min. 49 (0-1): New offside for Muriqui, who finishes with an advantage but finds himself in an illegal position.


The second half begins in Son Moix. Mallorca and Betis are already playing the second half of the game.

8:33 p.m.

Sergio Ávila: “Real Betis entered the break at Son Moix winning by the minimum (0-1) thanks to Borja Iglesias’ goal in the eighth minute from the penalty spot after the maximum penalty given by González Fuertes, after warning from VAR and check on the monitor, at the hands of Battaglia in a set piece with Juanmi. This goal very quickly gave the advantage to Betis, who then suffered little defensively against a Mallorca team who tried to equalize the game mainly thanks to set pieces and the company on the right side of their attack by Pablo Maffeo and Kang In Lee, the most incisive. Juanmi, Fekir and, above all, a header from William Carvalho at the exit of a corner kick from Fekir were able to land in the middle before half-time. Pellegrini’s team finished the first half with the ball in their possession and the advantage of the goal scored by Panda”.


Rest at Son Moix. Betis win at least thanks to the transformation of the penalty by Borja Iglesias. Pellegrini’s team defends with solvency, as against Elche.


Min 48 (0-1): Oops! Mark almost Fekir. Nice action from the Frenchman, who combined well inside to then go outside and squeeze his left foot. But his kick went high.


Min 43 (0-1): Ooooooooooo!!!!! Almost marks the second Carvalho! Superb ball from Nabil Fekir, in which William Carvalho entered with everything, but the Portuguese shot missed.


Min. 41 (0-1) Betis endured some of Mallorca’s attacks in this section. Pellegrini’s side again wielded great defensive authority, barely conceding dangerous plays.


Min 36 (0-1): New yellow card for Betis. Juanmi saw it, which mowed down Maffeo after a pass from the Mallorca player. Another ten minutes more what González Fuertes adds.


Min 31 (0-1): Hydration break in Mallorca. Betis win thanks to Borja Iglesias’ penalty.


Min 23 (0-1): Oops! To Heaven Muriqi! The Kosovar was in an offside position, so his shot, from a clear position inside the green and white area, is invalid.


Min 16 (0-1): Ooooooooo!!!! Juanmi almost scored! Excellent serve from Pezzella, who saw the Malaga man unleash into space, but Juanmi was unable to direct his shot on goal.


Min. 9 (0-1): GOOOOOOOOOOOOL of Betis!!!! GOOOOOOL by Borja Iglesias! The Galician scored from eleven meters to overtake the Verdiblanco team at Son Moix.


Min. 5 (0-0): PENALTY in favor of Betis! Clear hand from Battaglia, who inside the box stopped a loose ball from Juanmi with his hand. They had to warn González Fuertes, who did not see her on the pitch.


Min. 1 (0-0): See the yellow William Carvalho for a stomp at thirteen seconds in a very rigorous action. Betis are conditioned for the whole game at Son Moix.

7:30 p.m.

The match begins in Mallorca! Betis are already playing their first away match in La Liga Santander. Follow the meeting minute by minute here.

7:25 p.m.

About to start the game!


Sergio Ávila: “Despite the problem with registrations and the reduced call-up of 17 men, Real Betis go out to Son Moix with an eleven with all the guarantees, the same one that finished a fantastic game against Elche last Monday to claim the first victory Without too many alternatives available, there was no reason to introduce changes and Pellegrini, who rules with the maxim of respecting what works, organized the same starting line-up against Real Mallorca, with Aitor Ruibal repeating as right-back, Rodri taking the place of Canales, and Juanmi, Fekir and Borja Iglesias leading the attacking manoeuvres”.


Half an hour to get things moving in the Balearic Islands!

6:47 p.m.

Meanwhile, Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre decided to start with Rajkovic; Maffeo, Rail, Valjent, Copete, Jaume Costa; Battaglia, Attic; Dani Rodriguez, Kang In Lee and Muriqi.

6:47 p.m.

Real Betis’ starting XI against Mallorca in Matchday 2 of the 22-23 season consists of Rui Silva; Aitor, Pezzella, Edgar, Alex Moreno; Guido Rodriguez, William Carvalho; Rodri, Fekir, Juanmi and Borja Iglesias. They will wait for their opportunity on the bench, with Pellegrini and the technical staff, Dani Martín, substitute goalkeeper, Fran Delgado, Miranda, Paul, Rober and Loren Morón.

6:30 p.m.

One hour for Mallorca – Betis to start!

4:30 p.m.

Three hours before the start of the match in Son Moix!

12:30 p.m.

Good evening! Welcome to the Mallorca – Betis live stream of LaLiga Santander Matchday 2. Follow the best preview of the meeting here.

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