What to expect from ‘House of the Dragon’ and what ‘Game of Thrones’ ‘fans’ expect

More than three years have passed since Game Of Thrones will leave in shock -and not exactly in a good way- to their fans with the end of the series. Despite the controversy of the last season, the expectation is maximum before the premiere this Monday on HBO Max of the dragon house, the story of Daenerys Targaryen’s ancestors.

The series is based on the novel fire and blood by George RR Martin, author of the saga Song of Ice and Fire, and the writer was involved in the whole process of creating this prequel. The story that covers the ten episodes of the first season of the series is set 200 years before what was told in Game Of Thrones. Specifically, the plot revolves around the succession of King Viserys I.

“The creators have already warned that this is a completely different series from Game Of Thrones“, account Elena Neiraprofessor at the UOC and author of Continuous wars, who considers it to be one of the great releases of the year. “That HBO would continue to create products based on the universe of Game Of Thrones it was taken for granted. the dragon house spearheaded the launch of HBO Max with the reunion of Friends», explains the expert.

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The prequel’s premiere comes amid a storm for the platform, after it was revealed that the merger between Warner and Discovery will directly affect the production of the new HBO Max original series. “The new director has a more pragmatic and less innovative style and plans to bet on safe projects, and titles like the dragon house. Because here they also have a fandom already built to which, and which Prime tried to counter-program with The Lord of the Rings“says Neira, who believes that” they will try to monopolize all the conversation possible “.

the dragon house This is not the only project in the universe Game Of Thrones with whom HBO has, who develops other series like a possibility spin off by Jon Snow. “If all goes well, they will renew the series and develop some of the side projects that are being considered, because Game Of Thrones It is, along with DC and Harry Potter, Warner’s most valuable intellectual property,” says Neira.

“If they are successful, they will renew the series and develop some of the side projects being considered, because ‘Game of Thrones’ is, along with DC and Harry Potter, the most valuable intellectual property they have”

– Elena Neira, professor at UOC and author of ‘Streaming Wars’.

What viewers will find and the opinion of George RR Martin

Ryan Condal, one of the creators of the series, declared at a meeting that viewers can expect in this prequel something like a “Succession with dragons.” In fact, the producer revealed that the references when writing the scripts and shaping the episodes were precisely Succession there The crown. During this same meeting, Condal also explained that, although in Game Of Thrones various dynasties clashed the dragon house tell of “a civil war within the same family”, the Targaryens. In addition to King Viserys I, his daughter Princess Rhaenyra and brother Prince Daemon take center stage in the series.

Princess Rhaenyra and Prince Daemon.
Princess Rhaenyra and Prince Daemon.

That the production focuses on the battle within the same family is one of the differences between the prequel and the original series, but fans will find elements of the universe Song of Ice and Fire who were already very present in the historical series. Of course, there will be dragons, but here they are no exception, but daily bread.

The scenes of sex and violence, already present in the first chapter, will not be missing either. As for the first, Miguel Sapochnik, creator and director of some episodes, repeatedly insisted that there would be less sex and nudity than in Game Of Thrones and that all intimate scenes are important to plot development. “We didn’t sit down and say, ‘Okay, how many sex scenes can we put in?’ Obviously, we didn’t do that. All the scenes where there is sex are relevant to the story.” declared to Business Intern.

Matt Smith, who plays Prince Daemon Targaryen, the king’s little brother, does not seem to agree with these statements. In an interview with rolling stone, The actor confessed that he thinks “there’s a little too much”. “You’re like, ‘Do we need another sex scene?’ And they say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to,’ he told the magazine.

Targaryen demon.

Considering that Daenerys Targaryen does not appear for ningún sitio ya que la acción se situa varias decades antes de su nacimiento, sí se can observe parallelisms con uno de los personajes en la lucha para tomar en serio a mujer que quiere mandar y alcanzar el power.

And what does George RR Martin think of the prequel? The writer was involved in the process, exercised creative control, and imposed conditions on the creators, Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik. After seeing a preview version of the first episode, the author said he was satisfied with what he saw on screen: “I saw a preview of the first episode and loved it. It’s dark, powerful, visceral…just the way I love an epic fantasy.”

In recent days he has gone further and set his teeth on viewers for a long time by confessing that in the first chapter there is such a shocking scene as the red wedding —the Stark family tragedy that marked a turning point in Game Of Thrones— for its “viscerality”.

The fans, waiting before the premiere

George RR Martin also participated in the first seasons of Game Of Thrones and, as he recently recalled, he was barely aware of the plot of seasons five and six and was “on the sidelines” in the final two. The author is involved in the dragon house and that he has a positive opinion of the project is reassuring, but “up to a point”.

This is expressed by Miky Torres, founder and coordinator of the fan community Club Westeros. “GRRM has a penchant for being the cocky HBO writer. However, in the past, when he didn’t like something that had been done before, he voiced it, but not right now. Whatever he in itself, he was very close to the production and raised several conditions and this must add to the quality of the dragon house“, he says El Huff Post.

“Anyone who has seen ‘Game of Thrones’, whether they liked its ending or not, will see the prequel. The question is whether it will make it through the whole season.

– Miky Torres, founder and coordinator of the Westeros Club.

Torres is clear that the fandom of Game Of Thrones will see the premiere of the series despite the fact that, he explains, when the prequel was announced, the reception was a little cold, something that changed with the first images and teasers. “Anyone who has seen Game Of ThronesWhether or not you liked its ending, you’ll be watching the prequel. The question is whether he will do it throughout the season,” he says. Elena Neira agrees with this information and believes that “everyone who was a fan will approach the series”, although “with many reservations”.

King Viserys I.

Regarding his expectations, Torres does not hold back: “It’s as good or better than Game Of Thrones. Is that a lot to ask? Yes definitely.”Beyond the controversial ending it had, it was a milestone as a TV series on every level. Its presence in popular culture – just look the new Stradivarius collection on the occasion of the launch of the prequel—, the awards won and the strong audiences bear witness to this. Game Of Thrones It sets the bar very high for all that HBO produces in terms of fantasy series,” he reflects on the legacy of the original series.

The Westeros Club coordinator is particularly keen to find out “the level and quality” of the writers and producers, and what they manage to do with the material of fire and blood. “This book is more like a summary of situations and events, it does not have the details of Song of Ice and Fire. This could be a downside. But no, the producers and screenwriters behind the dragon house are guaranteed to have produced entire chapters of Game Of Thrones without relying on the books,” defends Torres. Specifically, he cites three episodes: black water, austere house there The Battle of the Bastards.

For Torres, it is also interesting to know how the conditions that George RR Martin set for the prequel to take place apply. “They have to do with the portrayal of the Targaryen family in all their glory, the aesthetic finish of the dragons, and the emphasis on heraldry,” he explains.

The fan hopes the dragon house succeed so that new projects can be developed Tales of Dunk and Egg. You have to wait for the release of the ten chapters of the series to find out. Fans and viewers in general are giving the green light to this first prequel. The dragons are coming.

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