Spain push Lithuania over the edge in Vilnius despite heavy losses

Law. at 8:46 p.m.


Without the presence of Willy Hernangómez, Rudy Fernández and Sergio Llull who did not play, Spain had the winning ball against Lithuania but Brown could not score

Despite a bad start, Scariolo’s team recovered to end up putting the best Lithuania in trouble, undoubtedly great news for the Scariolo team.

Spain pushed a team like Lithuania, clearly among the favorites for the Eurobasket medal, to the limit, in a match where Scariolo’s team he believed in his possibilities despite the significant losses he was dragging.




Lithuania, 78 years old

(25+14+17+22): Sabonis (7), Jokubaitis (5), Valanciunas (16), Giedraitis (12), Grigonis (8) -cinco initial-, Masiulis (5), Brazdeikis (16), Echodas (1), Zemaitis (2), Lekavicius (3) and Butkevicius (3).

Spain, 76

(17+13+23+23): Brown (18), Pradilla (2), Juancho Hernangómez (8), López Arostegui (7), Garuba (2) -initial five-, Parra (2), Sima (5) , Jaime Fernández (7), Brizuela (12), Saiz (7), Nuñez (2), Guerra (4), Colom (-).


Vilius Maciulaitis (LIT), Andzej Urbanovic (LIT) and Gabrielius Simonavicius (LIT). Sin eliminated.

Case :

Eurobasket preparatory friendly match played at the Avia Solutions Group in Vilnius in front of 15,000 spectators

A sweet defeat (78-76) in the last friendly preparation match. Now comes the official competition, with the qualifying matches for the World Cup and the next Eurobasket. Joca struggles and faces transition with a team that still has room to grow.

without the presence of Willy Hernangómez nor Rudy who stayed in Madrid and with Sergio Llull without minutesIt was expected that the duel of Vilnius against rocky and physical Lithuania would be a very difficult castle to conquer.

Bad start for Spain

And the start of the meeting confirmed it. Good mentality of the premises starting with the poor defense and the intensity of the Spaniards. This is Lithuania took the opportunity to hammer the Spanish hoop with triples with the lead Giedraitis who has made three consecutive matches (12-2)

The Scariolo group had not yet landed in Vilnius when the Lithuanians have already won with a clear 19-4 (-15) with a Valanciunas who also did damage inside without Willy’s presence.

Scariolo tried to stop the local bleeding and was partially successful.That is. With Jaime Fernández on the court and Yankuba Sima, the team gained some energy and allowed, at least, to break the rhythm of the locals (23-23). Good last minutes of the quarter to get the negative income out in just eight (25-17).

light alarm clock from spain

This awakening of Spain with Fernández kept Spain close to the Lithuanians at the start of the second set (27-19), even if a triple from Maciulis reopened the lead to 13 (32-19) and the feeling that this good Spanish moment was fading.

Jokubaitis took over the attacking baton for the Lithuanians, although a good few minutes from Spain to close out the first half, they left the marker “compensated” for what was seen in those first 20 minutes (39-30). At least the image of Spain has been remade in time.

On restart, Spain came out with more intention to harm Lithuanians. And with the initiative of López-Arostegui, the Scariolo team put the local team in difficulty. A hat-trick from Brown and another from Juancho, took the Spanish side to just foury.

Spain presents the battle

Despite Brazdeikis 8 points in fourth and Valanciunas dominating the area, Spain was capable of presenting a battle. With a more uninhibited team, another hat-trick from Xavi López-Arostegui, a three-pointer from Sebas Sáiz and another basket from Parra, brought Spain closer to two points (55-53). Spain’s best quarter against Lithuania,

In this good dynamic, taking advantage of the absence of Sabonis and Valanciunas, Spain maintained the type, upsetting Lithuania, which quickly regained its two stars. Spain moved to three points after a basket from Brizuela (65-62).

The team came to life in the final minutes, no doubt great news for the Scariolo team. Believing in his attacks and in the awakening ofAgain by Lorenzo Brown, Spain were within two points (76-74) with one minute remaining.

in a state of grace, Brown managed to equalize and Lithuania’s best Brazdeikis responded. On the final attack, Brown played the final shot, but couldn’t score. WHEREA sweet defeat in Vilnius after standing up to an entire Lithuania without three important players in the team. Now it’s time to think about the official competition key.

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