Liz Cheney appeals to Trump-backed opponent who says she didn’t back down | Liz Cheney


Liz Cheney released her grant appeal to Harriet Hagemanafter the Trump-backed Republican who won the Wyoming U.S. House Primary told Fox News on Tuesday that her rival had made “no kind of concessions or anything.”

Cheney gave a recording of the call at Politico. In it, she said: “Hi, Harriet, it’s Liz Cheney calling. It’s about 8:13 a.m. [pm] Tuesday 16. I call you to concede the election and congratulate you on the victory. Thanks.”

Hageman to beat Cheney, a three-term congressman, in a landslide.

Cheney’s work as vice chairman of the House January 6 Committee and his opposition to donald trumpsealed his fate in Wyoming, a deep-red state once represented by his father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In his concession speech, delivered in Jackson against the backdrop of the setting sun and the Teton Mountains, Cheney laid out plans to oppose Trump from outside the House.

In her speech, she quoted Republican President Abraham Lincoln, calling him “a great and original champion of our party” and noting that the 16th president was beaten in Senate and House elections before winning the most important of all.

“Lincoln ultimately prevailed,” Cheney said. “He saved our Union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history.”

She also mentioned Ulysses S Grant, who was a general before becoming the 18th president: “Lincoln and Grant and all who fought in our country’s tragic civil war, including my own great-great-grandfathers, have saved our union. Their courage saved freedom. And if we listen carefully, they speak to us from generation to generation. We must not waste unnecessarily what so many people have fought and died for. »

Wednesday morning, Cheney told NBC she was considering a run for the White House. She formed a fundraising committee called The Great Task, a nod to the Gettysburg Address, which Lincoln gave in 1863.

Most observers, however, say Cheney has no path to primary victory in a Republican Party dominated by Trump and his supporters. As a strong conservative, she seems unlikely to attract significant Democratic or independent support.

Hageman, a lawyer, once opposed Trump herself but managed to win his approval. She repeated Trump’s lie about the 2020 election, which Trump definitely lost to Joe Biden, being rigged.

She will be heavily favored to win Wyoming’s single seat in the US House in November, against Democrat Lynette Gray Bull.

Earlier Wednesday night, Hageman discussed the concession call with Fox News host Sean Hanity.

She said: “I have had no further contact with Liz Cheney. She made a single effort and all she said was ‘Hello, Harriet.’ And then that was the end of it.

Hageman repeated his claim that Cheney did not concede, and his spokesperson provided Politico with video of a phone playing a message apparently from Cheney. The website reported, “The message as read on screen contains only Cheney’s two-word greeting before the sound was muted for over 10 more seconds.”

Cheney told Politico she called Hageman three times, leaving voicemail before stepping out to speak.

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