How to save fuel in a few clicks

In times like these, any trick to save fuel it is welcome. Since driving techniques, weight distribution in the trunk, tire pressure, among others.

to this list of ways to saveAdd some websites who specialize in providing fuel-related services. What are?

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“Find the gas station cheaper close to you”. This is the first message offered by the site Mi Fuel.

“In our list of the cheapest gas stations, you will see maximum savings that you can recover in your supply, “says the site (free and without prior registration). The specifications are obvious, such as the maximum price of the day or the highest increase, among others.

In addition to fuel price developments, the page contains detailed information and answers questions such as: How much does it cost on average to fill a car’s tank?which is Province * ANTIBES FRANCE with the cheapest petrol stations refuel?, where are the most expensive gas stations of Spain today? And another positive point: the prices are constantly updated.

Prices updated in My Fuel.

Save fuel with the geoportal

The official page of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the demographic challenge offers the web of information and service Geoportal. it’s a tool free, updated every five minutes and with a map of all spain in which you can research, among other details, cheap gas stations. The website details the price per liter of fuel of each service station and, in addition, compare routes so that the driver can choose the most economical.

Through Geoportalit’s possible deepen the search for service stations to refuel in every corner of Spain, according to the needs of each user. The site’s search engine has several filters in detail:

  • Type of research (petrol stations or shipping stations)
  • Province * ANTIBES FRANCE
  • locality
  • type of fuel (petrol 95, 98, diesel…)
  • Sale (to the public, cooperators, among others)
  • service type (assisted or self-service)
Presentation of the geoportal.

Searches can be specify even more. It is also possible to select by scheduleeven for address postal code. And the most important: cheapest petrol stations and reduction plans.

Save fuel with the geoportal

For save fuelresearch leads to Geoportal They are useful. These can be compared since the price per liter of gasoline are ordered from from cheapest to most expensive. Even for a more detailed study, these data can be downloaded.

Detailed table of fuel prices.

Calculate the essence of the trip

How to calculate the fuel for a trip? This is another advantage of Geoportal: know the cost route that consumes less fuel. This can be done by specifying the type of fuel, origin, destination, departure times and tolls, among other data. With this information, the website calculates the cheapest route.

The calculation of the cost of the trip is possible with Geoportal.

Geoportal you don’t need pre-registration, it’s totally free and it is not only suitable for the computer, because it also offers its mobile version through the application Geogasolineras.

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