Samsung presents One UI 5 in open beta phase for the Galaxy S22

Samsung announced an open beta phase for phones in the series Galaxy S22 the next version of your personalization layer, A 5 user interface.

The new operating system, which will first be available in the United States, Germany and South Korea and other regions in the coming months, comes with new personalization, security and accessibilityas the company says in a statement.

“We are constantly looking to improve One UI to provide more control and more options,” he says in the text. Jang Hyun Yoonexecutive vice president and software platform team leader of the Mobile Experience (MX) business at Samsung Electronics, who explains that with this early access, they hope to “incorporate user feedback to develop a better experience and more valuable to everyone”.


One UI 5 includes new options for personalizationas an extended set of color options for a unique look. Users now have up to 16 preset color themes to match their wallpaper and 12 additional color options for their home screens, icons, and quick panels.

With this new release, users can also further customize their home screens gathering widget of the same size in one place, saving space and creating a cleaner, more organized look.

One UI 5 also allows you to adapt the notifications to applications more easily. New controls make it easier for users to block notifications from certain apps, so they only see what’s relevant to them.

language and sound

One UI 5 includes a menu reorganization, streamlining the process of changing sound and vibration settings, with access to all ringer volumes and vibration intensities.

Users will be able to adapt their preferred language for different applications, and select their preferred language for each.

other functions

The update also brings new options for camerasecurity resources or accessibility tools.

Users can capture more easily photos and videos high-quality video with a new icon in Pro and Pro Video mode that offers useful tips and tricks on how to use the different lenses, features, and controls. Plus, a more responsive zoom bar allows for faster close-ups and easier one-handed focusing.

With One UI 5, a new dashboard allows users to view the status of Security your phone, indicates if there are any protection issues and recommends ways to fix them.

In the section accessibilitythe Magnifier feature makes it easier to view and read on your devices, while different types of voice assistance – like audio descriptions of videos and typing aloud – help you navigate and use your devices more smoothly .

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