‘Bachelorette’ frontman yells profanity at producer when he doesn’t get a rose tonight


Rachel Rechia and Gaby Windey decided which guys would be worthy of dropping in on hometown tours on Monday nights the bachelorette.

Season 19 the bachelorette is ABC’s first hit reality show in which two women search for love. After a rocky start, they decided to split the guys into two teams.

But the drama started all over again in Episode 6 as Gabby tearfully fired a promising suitor, a guy from Rachel’s team revealed a shocking secret, and another man was taken down by COVID-19!

Who got Gabby’s one-on-one date?

The show’s European cruise ship arrived in Amsterdam and Gabby picked Nate for the private date. She worried that Nate was already a father and noted that hometown visits were looming “you involve more than one person.”

Gabby had a difficult childhood with her mother and was “terrified” to meet Nate’s young daughter.

Although she liked the way Nate treated her, Gabby told the cameras, “I go back and forth if I want to be a mother and that’s something I haven’t quite figured out yet. It seems so complicated.

Tearful Gabby, 31, thought she had more to do growing up – and amid the beautiful Amsterdam scenery, she ended things with Nate.

“I never want to say goodbye but I think we’re just in two different places in our lives. It’s not you, it’s me,” Gabby told her tearfully.

She admitted she was scared of being a mother but Nate said she would be awesome.

Still, he accepted her decision that it was over, saying, “I would never be mad at you for telling the truth.”

Nate cried as he left and his suitcase was taken off the ship in front of the remaining guys from Team Gabby.

Who got Rachel’s one-on-one date?

The 26-year-old flight instructor picked Zach who looked like a favorite because he had already had a private date in Episode 3.

This time the two visited a tulip field in Holland, rode bikes, bought clogs and shared a hot tub.

“She gives me butterflies,” Zach said in a confessional.

He was eager to get a rose to skip to the hometown tour portion of the show.

But during dinner at a museum, Zach suddenly got serious and said to Rachel, “I wanted to talk to you about this…a few years ago I was about 85 pounds heavier than I am now, severely overweight. .

Zach went on to say that he couldn’t find love at that time and wondered, “How can I fix it?”

The tech manager told Rachel he was pursuing therapy.

This thrilled Rachel, who admitted she also asked for help after being dumped on Clayton Echard. The single person season.

“Going to therapy was the favorite part of my week,” she said, adding that she had wondered, “How do I move on and what do I like? I like it really so much.

She also liked that Zach went to therapy.

He agreed with Rachel: “It can work wonders!” and said, “I’m falling in love with you.”

She gave Zach her pink date and they kissed in front of a classical music set.

Meanwhile, Gabby told her crew on the boat what they already knew, “Nate isn’t here.”

After informing her remaining guys that she was worried about the responsibility of being a mother, they embraced her.

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On their group date, they visited Amsterdam’s red-light district where a woman with a whip asked them sexual questions.

Johnny didn’t answer when asked if he had slept with more than 10, 20 or 30 women!

The guys took off their shirts and were blindfolded so Gabby could tickle and whip them.

Later, before the cocktail party, animate Jesse Palmer told Gabby that the controversial Logan had “tested positive for COVID-19.” He was fine, but the cocktail was canceled. Jesse told the guys something happened with Logan, but not exactly what the problem was.

As Parade.com readers know, Logan was on Rachel’s team before switching sides, deciding he was more attracted to Gabby.

Logan’s illness forced Gabby to make choices in her hometown without talking more to the other guys.

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The cameras cut to Rachel having a group date with the other men on her team at an Amsterdam cheese market.

They took off their shirts for a cheese lifting contest, which Tino won.

At the cocktail party later, Aven told Rachel that her parents would like to meet her. Tyler said he really fell in love with her.

After a makeup session with Rachel, Tino bragged to the cameras, “I knocked it out of the park.”

However, he got away when she gave Tyler the band date instead!

” I don’t understand ! Tino raged at a producer. “It’s a fucking joke!”

As the rose ceremony approached, Spencer thought no one should go home without Logan there.

But three roses were available for Gabby while Rachel had two, which meant eliminations would happen.

Gabby revealed to everyone that she didn’t want to meet four families of men, only three.

Who got Gabby’s roses for hometown visits?


During the ceremony, the intensive care nurse presented her roses to Erich, Jason and Johnny. This meant that serviceman Spencer S. had to leave. Gabby had three guys traveling to her hometown, after Logan had to leave due to being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Who received Rachel’s roses for hometown visits?


Aven and Tino had the honor, with Ethan K. returning home. Rachel had already saved Zach and Tyler with roses. After saying goodbye to Ethan, Rachel congratulated her final four hometown suitors.

Who came home tonight week 6 of The bachelorette?

Spencer S
Ethan K.

How many men made it to week 7?

After tonight’s elimination, seven men qualify for next week’s hometown dates.

Team Gaby


Team Rachel


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