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At the end of the game against Getafeis Alvaro Morata and Diego Simeone strongly expressed their certainty of continuity in the Madrid athlete of the striker, upgraded by his impressive and goalscoring start to the season, two goals against Getafe which he added to the three he scored in the last friendly against Juventus and the one who scored a week and a half ago against Cadizdirect to the starting lineup of the competition and to the headlines of the rojiblanco attack.

15 days after market close, with a contract until 2024without Juventus, the club claiming it, having exercised the purchase option it had at the end of its second and last loan spell in the Italian team or, later, having reached the figures claimed by the Spanish entity for a hypothetical transfer, while his environment insists that he will continue as a rojiblanco, the impact of Atlético’s ’19’ has been conclusive in the scheme of Simeon.

Is your continuity in the rojiblanco team already assured? The protagonist of everything was not frank in this sense when asked directly about his continuity when he appeared before the press at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum in Getafe, having just scored the two goals with which he achieved the first victory and shared triple leadership. of Atlético, with Villarreal and Betis. They all won 3-0 or 0-3.

I really want to play here, to work, to play matches, to play a lot of competitions too. I’m very excited about this season, but as I always was when I came here, they always treated me very well and I’m happy. I will give it my all. For effort and commitment, it won’t,” he said.

“At the end of the day, it’s your work that comes out in the press (about possible market movements). I’ve always come here with the desire to work, work and work. It’s clear that Atlético de Madrid is one of the best clubs in the There is a great human group of players and people. I want to continue working,” he insisted when asked directly if he would stay at the club.

I am not the owner of the club, I am the coach. Morata is doing very well, working in an extraordinary way and all of us who are with him hope that he can continue with us. All footballers need to have confidence to do important things. He came with a lot of humility, wanting to work, we saw him from day one, not asking for anything, but striving to get to the form he is in,” his coach said. Diego Simone.

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Meanwhile, Morata’s response is indisputable on the pitch. None of its offensive competitors (nor Antoine Griezmann nor Matheus Cunha, by which the English press speaks of a 50 million euro offer from Manchester United for his signature, nor angel strap) were not as conclusive or as scorers as him neither in pre-season nor on the first day of La Liga.

Morata’s match at Getafe, which cost Juventus 35 million if bought after his two-year loan, was indicative of the striker’s big moment, who has already underlined it at Cádiz. reaffirmed at the Continassa Sports Center against Juventus and ratified it at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum from the starting XI which has been won on the basis of goals: six in its last three games.

Of the three shots offered by the Madrid striker at Getafe, two were goals, with a success rate of 0.67%, assisted in both cases by Joao Félixwho leads the matchday one assists chart with three, as he also gave another to Antoine Griezmann in the 0-3 with which Atlético won.

Morata leads the scorers table with Juanmi Jimenez (Betis) and Alex Baena (Villarreal). The first, also with a success rate of 67%; the second, one hundred percent, because he scored two goals from his two shots on goal at the Nuevo Zorilla stadium against Valladolid.

The Spanish national team’s top scorer has scored 24 goals in his 62 appearances in all competitions for the rojiblanco side, with one goal every two and a half games. His goals were essential in this 19-point run for Atlético, with which he was revalorized on his return, when there were no longer any doubts about his return to the club and the World Cup was coming up. profile at three months.

The team rests on Tuesday after their victory. On Wednesday he will return to training to prepare for next Sunday’s game against Villarreal at the Wanda Metropolitano, where everyone should be available for the duel, including Philip Monteirowho is already finishing his set-up because of knee tendonitis, and Jose Maria Gimenez, goes down to Getafe due to a serious case of tonsillitis. The eleven is perhaps the same, with Morata as the undisputed striker today in Simeone’s scheme.

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