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This is an absurd thing to say in mid-August, arguably a sackable offence, but Liverpool have a big 45 minutes coming up. If they lose they will already be five points behind Manchester City, and that’s never a good place for anyone to be.


Liverpool started well, with their usual intensity, but missed a few decent chances and were punished by Wilfred Zaha’s excellent counter-attacking goal. The place went a bit flat after that, though Darwin Nunez hit the post with the last attack of the half.

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Wilfred Zaha gives Palace the lead with a superb goal!

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Some interesting selections on both sides. Jurgen Klopp has left out Jordan Henderson, with Harvey Elliott and James Milner preferred in midfield. Nat Phillips, who played so many games in the 2020-21, starts at centre-back. Joel Matip and Ibrahima Konate are injured, while Joe Gomez is only fit enough for the bench. And the record signing Darwin Nunez starts up front.


It looks like Patrick Vieira has switched to a back five, with Joel Ward replacing Odsonne Edouard. That’s the only change from the Palace team that lost to Arsenal ten days ago.


Liverpool (4-3-3) Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Phillips, van Dijk, Robertson; Elliott, Fabinho, Milner; Salah, Nunez, Diaz.
Substitutes: Adrian, Gomez, Tsimikas, Bajcetic, van den Berg, Keita, Henderson, Carvalho, Clark.


Crystal Palace (possible 5-4-1) Guaita; Clyne, Ward, Andersen, Guehi, Mitchell; Ayew, Doucoure, Schlupp, Eze; Zaha.
Substitutes: Johnstone, Richards, Milivojevic, Olise, Hughes, Ebiowei, Plange, Mateta, Edouard.


Referee Paul Tierney.

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The fixture computer can be a sick twist all right. Crystal Palace, aiming to build on a fine first season under Patrick Vieira, have been given the toughest start of any team in the Premier League: an opening game against New Arsenal last week, then Liverpool tonight and Manchester City at the end of August. Sure they also have a winnable match at home to Villa on Saturday, but can we please not dwell on that. I’m trying to sell a narrative here!


Point is, nobody gives Palace much chance tonight. If you’re into the whole betting thing, you can get 16/1 on a Palace victory and 6/1 on a draw. Since they had the effrontery to win three consecutive games at Anfield between 2015-17, Palace have lost ten in a row, home and away, against Liverpool.


This fixture looked formidable even before Liverpool started the season with a sloppy, sluggish 2-2 draw at Fulham. A performance like that has consequences. The Liverpool players have had nine days of listening to the people who doubt their commitment to another season of heavy-metal football. The backlash begins at 8pm.

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Key events

57 minutes Liverpool’s injuries mean they don’t have their usual attacking options on the bench, although they can still call on Jordan Henderson, Fabio Carvalho and Naby Keita.

56 minutes Van Dijk makes an important interception to prevent Zaha from playing a return pass to Eze in the liverpool Region.

53 minutes There’s a spring in Palace’s step when they break, which wasn’t there before Zaha’s goal. It has become a fascinating game.

51 minutes “Zlatan also has the ability to do things on the football pitch where I don’t really understand what I saw, where my only reaction is just to laugh with joy,” says Kári Tulinius. “There are very few footballers like that, who seem to be able to move themselves and the ball through unknown dimensions of space and time.”

I’m still trying to make sense of that ankle-breaking movie against Italy at Euro 2004, not to mention everything it’s done since. For years I (wrongly) thought it was a backheel.

49 minutes The chance came after an excellent through ball from Salah. Nunez’s left-footed shot seemed to miss the target, but then it hit the slippery Ward. Replays show he punched in the armpit, and he was only yards away from Nunez.

48 minutes Liverpool have a big call for a penalty when Nunez’ errant shot hits a Palace defender. Nothing given on the pitch but it will be checked by VAR.

46 minutes Peeppeep! liverpool start the second half, and there is no change on either side.

“Did someone tell Díaz not to dribble?” asks Alexandre Quintero. “I bet someone did. He doesn’t take opponents, he just kicks the ball upside down. No risk no win. Congratulation to crystal palace. Excellent execution of their plan so far. I say this as a Liverpool fan.

I have a vague, barely outlandish theory about Diaz that he’s much better at big games than smaller ones.

Here is that chance for Nunez (and van Dijk)

𝐇𝐎𝐖 did that stay out?! 🤯🤯

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) August 15, 2022


“Nunez is going to be an exceptional striker for the PL” said Mary Waltz. “But Zlatan, from the age of 19, looked like someone who thought he was just the greatest of all time and had no problem telling you the facts of life. .”

Half time: Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace

It’s an absurd thing to say in mid-August, no doubt a revocable offense, but liverpool have a great 45 minutes ahead. If they lose, they’ll already be five points behind Manchester City, and that’s never a good place for anyone.

Liverpool started well, with their usual intensity, but missed a few decent chances and were punished by Wilfred Zaha’s excellent counter-attacking goal. The place got a little flat after that, although Darwin Nunez hit the post with the last attack of the half.

45+3 min: Nunez hits the post! The corner was half cleared for Elliott, who clipped a nice pass over the defense to find Nunez. He took it to the chest but then missed a shot that looped past Guaita and hit inside the far post!

The loose ball eventually raced towards van Dijk, who slid into the act of shooting and kicked it against his standing leg.

Liverpool's Darwin Nunez cuts the far post with a sustained effort.
Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez cuts the far post with a sustained effort. Photo: Jon Super/AP

45+3 mins Alexander-Arnold sweeps a nice inside pass from Mitchell to Salah, forcing Guehi through and conceding the corner. Excellent defense.

45 minutes Three minutes of added time.

44 minutes “To say that the goal was not just against the run of play, but was in fact a complete affront to the run of play is somehow to ignore the fact that this is exactly what Palace intended to do. do: absorb all the pressure, then strike. liverpool on the counter,” says Shoaib. “And it has worked for them so far.”

True, but it was still totally one-sided for the first half hour. The goal was the first time Palace had staged a decent counter-attack.

43 minutes Salah cuts a cross to Elliott, whose flying header from 15 yards is directly on Guaita. He palms it – he probably could have held it – and Andersen knocks him out.

42 minutes The first half was a triumph for Patrick Vieira. Palace’s back five held off quite a load of pressure in the first half hour and then they started to find their counter-attacking range.

40 min: Alisson saves from Zaha! The palace opens liverpool with increasing ease. Doucoure slips a pass into the inside right channel to Zaha, who again times his run superbly. This time his touch is slightly heavy, allowing Alisson to charge in and block the potential shot.

40 minutes Diaz is cautioned for a foul on Ayew.

39 minutes Here is that goal from Zaha, which was truly a beauty.

What a 𝐑𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒 counter-attack! Wilfried Zaha puts Crystal Palace ahead ⚡💥

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) August 15, 2022


38 minutes Doucoure floats high and wide from 25 yards after a decent break from Palace. Moments later, Zaha shoots directly at Alisson from 20 yards out. The mood has changed.

36 minutes Alexander-Arnold lands two long shots within seconds, both of which are blocked. Palace defenders must have blocked seven or eight shots already.

35 minutes Nunez shoots wide at 25 yards. Apparently Liverpool have now conceded the first goal of their last six premier league Games. They still won most of them, mind you.

34 minutes This goal wasn’t just against the run of play; it was a complete affront to the flow of the game. But it was such a good finish, not least because Alisson is arguably the best one-on-one in the world.

It was brilliantly achieved at the break by Ebere Eze. He killed a defensive clearance from the palace, elegantly moved away from Fabinho and sliced liverpool open with a straight pass behind Phillips. Zaha timed his run perfectly, moved into the area and landed an emphatic low shot on Alisson. What a great goal.

OBJECTIVE! Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace (Zaha 32)

Wilfred Zaha gives Palace the lead with a great goal!

Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace scores his first goal past Alisson Becker of Liverpool.
Wilfried Zaha of Crystal Palace scores his first goal past Alisson Becker of Liverpool. Photography: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Zaha jumps into the air in celebration.
Zaha jumps into the air in celebration. Photography: Paul Greenwood/REX/Shutterstock

31 minutes I know he’s not the best defender in the world, I know that, but Alexander-Arnold’s passing range is unreal.

30 min: Chance for Salah! Alexander-Arnold finds himself in the middle of the field, where he turns away from Schlupp and performs a delicious pass over the defense of the Palace. Salah meets him running, 10 yards from goal, but heads straight for Guaita. It was another good chance and a ridiculous ball from Alexander-Arnold. He and Elliott have been looking very bright ever since liverpool.

28 minutes “Liverpool had nine attempts in 24 minutes,” said Richard Hirst. “Does Knowledge know the file?”

Is that my new nickname? I guess I’ve had worse.

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