Summary and goals of Cadiz-Real Sociedad (0-1), matchday 1 of La Liga Santander 22/23

Law. at 8:36 p.m.


The striker’s good performance gives the Basque team three points

The judgments of Ledesma prevented the donostiarras from condemning

A goal from the Japanese midfielder Take Kubo 25 minutes was enough for the real company The 2022-23 season started with a victory at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium, where the visiting team were better and in control against Cadiz with very few ideas from the attacking side.


LaLiga Santander





Ledesma; Zaldua; (Diarra 86′); Hernandez; Hush; Hawthorn; Perea; (Mabil 46′); Fali; J. Mary; (Lark 65′) Arzamendia; (Outside 65′) L.Perez; (Black 73′) Shock

real company

Remiro; Elustondo; Zubelia; The Norman; Rico; (Muñoz 81′); Zubimendi; braise Merino; (Ali Cho 78′) Silva; (Illarramendi 78′); Is a; (Karrikaburu 85′); Kubo (Barrenetxea 78′);


Diaz de Mera (Castellano-Manchego) TA Zaldua 45′; Pérez 45′; Alejo 70′; Brais 85′, Ilarra 98′

Incidents and Fans

New Mirandilla Stadium. ESP 18,000

The San Sebastián team took advantage of the best opportunity they had in the first half to bring the score to 0-1, the work of the Japanese, one of Real’s reinforcements for this season, to which he arrives transferred by Real Madrid, while in the second, he also took advantage of chances to make it 0-2, which he didn’t and that gave life to the Cadiz formation looking for a draw that they didn’t not found.

Cadiz started with momentum and ‘Choco’ Lozano was close to scoring in an inbounding personal game from the left wing that ended with a good save from Remiro, but this initial attack was a mirage and realistic domination soon began, without creating clear chances, but hovering around the Cadiz area. Merino looked for the goal with a header from a corner taken by Kubo, but the ball was lost high. In the process, a dangerous against Real after the loss of Lucas Pérez could be aborted by the local defense.

At 25 minutes, the tie on the scoreboard was broken. And he did it on the visitors’ side, when an indecision between Cadistas José Mari and Chust allowed Real to win the ball back in a dangerous area. Merino saw it clearly and with quality, he hooked the ball saving the defense and leaving Take Kubo totally alone, who checked and fired at Ledesma. Cádiz were able to equalize immediately, but Fali’s shot, with Remiro on the ground, was deflected for a corner by the ever-present Merino.

His greater efficiency allowed Real to win at half-time. Lozano had missed Cadiz’s clearest chance early on, while Kubo capitalized on his own in a game with few chances to score. After walking through the locker room, Sergio González sat Perea down to let Awer Mabil into the correct group. . Neither of them is a regular footballer of this demarcation, but Cadiz in the team only has Alejo as a specialist and, after overcoming some inconveniences and taking the call, he was still on the bench.

La Real had the match where they wanted, totally controlled. He didn’t struggle in the back thanks to his solid defense and Cadista’s inefficiency in attack. The locals showed no signs of improving and their lack of ideas was evident. But those of Alguacil did not want to speculate on the result and, although sometimes playing with the clock, they looked for a second goal that would close the game. On the block they were going to have options, like a timid shot from Silva from the edge that Ledesma saved.

At 64 minutes, the local coach brought on Alejo and sent Mabil into his natural group while replacing José Mari with Alarcón. Precisely, Alarcón disturbed Silva enough that a point-blank shot was not well aimed and Ledesma deflected it. And on the next play, Ledesma again saved the Basque goal, this time clearing a long shot from Diego Rico. La Real were around the second goal, but the score was still minimal and the yellows changed Lucas Pérez for Negredo in search of a ball that would allow them to draw.

The sheriff took advantage of the hydration break to make a triple change. Barrenetxea, Illarramendi and Cho replaced Merino, Kubo and Silva. The Basque coach was looking for new legs in his team to face a final stretch in which Cadiz would launch without brakes in search of a draw. A play with a double cross from Mabil and Alejo was quick to enter the seven minutes of added time. Cho could condemn, but Ledesma won the match. A loss of possession by Espino allowed the down-to-earth striker to control the ball in his own yard and lead it unopposed into the local area, where the Argentine goalkeeper emerged victorious. Again Cho managed to score the second, but again Ledesma pulled out a saving hand. It was the last game of a match dominated by Real Sociedad.

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