Epocalypse, the wonderful electric bike that won’t mean the end of the world, but will end your savings

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Meet a beast that will be indomitable in the terrain, mountains or whatever terrain you love the most.

We are convinced that if you are looking for a first electric bikemaybe this model is a little off from what you had in mind, especially if you wanted a two-wheeled vehicle to get around the town. However, it’s amazing how the world of e-bikes is changing, with the Evil Bikes epocalypse as maximum expression. This model of bike has a double suspensionand assistance systemand 250W motor and an 630Wh battery. It is an all-terrain vehicle to face the most difficult conditions, but also an engineering marvel. Their price? expect end of article discover.

On the back of a bike as powerful as it is technological: it’s the Epocalypse

If there are any reasons to show you the benefits of this two-wheeled monster, they could be summed up in five main features. The first one of them would obviously be the internal battery of the bike which, like many other companies, is integrated into the central frame. Their 630Wh, Evil Bike omits to specify the autonomy in hours, they are perfect to be able to use both riding modes. If you are interested, it is also removableto be able to change between the stacks in less than 10 seconds continue to enjoy the Epocalypse.

The profile 1is what the company calls these modes, is designed to get the maximum power and performanceDuring this time he profile 2 is designed for the situations in which you want save battery. By the way, another of the great features of the electric bike is that it comes with its mobile appdistributed by Shimanowhich will allow the user to manage profiles almost to the millimeter.

Epocalypse is the electric bike that will take your breath away

Epocalypse is the electric bike that will take your breath away. Evil Bikes

The heart of this bike is represented by the manufacturer Shimano and his EP8 engine motorwhich will allow the user of this electric bike to climb steep slopes and difficult to access routes thanks to the maximum torque of 85 Nm. The motor is quiet when in use and can be customized as we mentioned earlier with the app E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist. Also, Evil Bike uses the carbon make a paint that exudes elegance and minimalism in equal measure. All the cables are inside and since the purpose of this electric bike is to ride outdoors and in demanding situations, there will be no problems with dirt and traction. In effect, the frame is manufactured in four sizesranging from 1.60 meters to 1.96 meters.

The suspension of the Epocalypse is another of the e-bike highlights and includes a front fork Rockshox ZEB Ultimate and one Rockshox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate shock. The company says its pivot linkage system provides “a high degree of flexibility at the start of the stroke, with a very predictable high pull phase in the middle and a bottomless ramp at the end of the stroke.” Finally, the disc brakes hydraulics is Shimano XT and will allow the cyclist to be able to overcome compromised situations with maximum reliability.

It is true that these types of electric vehicles are not suitable for everyone, not only because of the target audience they are aimed at but because of the professionalism that their components exude. This is why the price is consistent with its innovation and we are talking about the basic model available in all markets, the so-called Evil Epocalypse RockShox XT I9 Hydraside 12,000 euro and that the model made for the United States and the United Kingdom, the so-called Evil Epocalypse Fox XT Hydra Loopholesit has a price of 14,000 euro. Maybe the current fashion is for electric skates, we already have we compared them with electric bikes and we told you what are the the most common sanctions using thembut there will always be people willing to throw the house out the window for a vehicle as spectacular as the Epocalypse.

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