serious health problems and harm in children

Like every summer, the European Consumer Center in Spain (CECEspaña) reminds consumers of the importance of protect eyesight solar radiation and offers a series of recommendations for the purchase of sunglasses that protect the eyes safely. Extremely important thing because, on sunny days, the pupils dilate more and the solar radiation can damage the eye if the lenses do not have the correct filter.

Buy in trusted specialized centers

First of all, it is important to buy the glasses in a trusted specialized center and to check that the lens complies with the regulations in force to ensure adequate quality. In this sense, optometrists point out that the use of poor quality sunglasses, such as toy glasses or glasses bought at unauthorized sales channels -such as gas stations, bazaars or kiosks- it can be moreharmful to the eyes not wearing any type of protectionas many of them may not have an adequate UV filter and the dark color of the lens causes the pupil to dilate more and allow more radiation to pass through than it would without the use of any kind of glasses .

With CE mark

It is equally important to ensure that the lenses bear the European Community marking. it marked be in a visible, legible and indelible form, and with it it is guaranteed that the glasses comply with all legal and safety requirements of the European Union. However, it should be noted that toy glasses and sunglasses have the CE mark, but only the latter have a protective filter.

Request the necessary information

The glasses must be accompanied by the model identification, name and address of the manufacturer, reference to ISO 12312 standard, filter category, type of filter (photometric, polarized or gradient). It must also have the restrictions of use, for example, whether they are suitable for direct observation of the sun, protection against artificial light sources such as UV cabins, whether they are suitable for driving and for road users, or for the practice of certain sporting activities. Also keep in mind that there are glasses that may have specific restrictions for driving at night or in low light conditions.

Protect the eyes of children and adults

The collegiate organization of Opticians-Optometrists also warns of “the need to protect children’s eyes from the sun’s rays, because UV radiation is seven times more harmful to the eyes of minors only for adult eyes. This is due to the fact that the lens filter does not finish developing until the age of 12, so the cornea allows more than 75% of ultraviolet (UV) rays to pass to the retina compared to 10% that allows to go through 30 years.

In addition, their pupils are larger and their lens more transparent, something to take into account since it is estimated that before they turn 18, they will have already received nearly a quarter of all exposure to ultraviolet rays in their lives.

Risks associated with wearing non-approved sunglasses

Wearing unapproved sunglasses can be very harmful and harmful to eye health. Some problems that can cause according to some eye clinics are:

  • Bubbles in the cornea
  • superficial burns
  • increased myopia
  • Increase in astigmatism
  • Photophobia
  • waterfalls

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