Two families from Navarre lead the largest tourist and residential project in Latin America in Brazil

Two families from Navarre plan to build in Brazil, 45 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro, the largest tourist and residential complex in all of Latin America. A project called Maraey, which will include five-star hotels and 8,000 luxury residences and is set to become a tourist benchmark in Brazil, a country that continues to offer enormous economic potential.

The initiative has been simmering for more than a decade and will require an investment of more than 2,500 million euros. It is managed by IDB, a company run by Cetya (Canteras de Echauri and associates) and Abacus, belonging to the Senosiáin and Izquierdo families respectively.

The ace the figures of the project are colossal. It plans to generate up to 52,000 direct jobs during the works, as well as 18,000 direct jobs and as many indirect jobs once operational. Developers expect the project to welcome 300,000 tourists a year and attract over 118,000 travellers. Similarly, the group estimates that during its construction it will generate 7.2 billion Brazilian reais in taxes (1,360 million euros). And that, when fully operational, the company charges around 1,300 million Brazilian reais per year (246 million euros) in the four hotels, in addition to paying more than 1,000 million (189 million euros ) taxes.

The resulting investment for the entire project would exceed 11,000 million euros.

Privileged and well-connected location

The location of hotels and houses would be spectacular. In the Tupi-Guarani language, Maraey means paradise on earth. It includes a vast coastal strip of approximately 844 hectares, which is bordered to the north by a 12.5 kilometer lagoon margin line and to the south by an 8.5 kilometer ocean coastline. To the east is the coastal town of Maricá and to the west, the São Bento Canal which separates it from another inhabited strip of this coastline.

Average temperatures in the region do not drop below 25 degrees during the coldest months (July and August), with minimum temperatures that do not drop below 18 or 19 degrees. Enjoyment of the beach and outdoor activities is therefore guaranteed. It has an airport nearby and is 45 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, the most popular city in Brazil.

However, tourism will not be the only field of action of the project. Maraey plans to create the second largest Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) in restinga (an area near the sea with sandy, acidic and nutrient-poor soils that is covered with a vegetation of characteristic herbaceous plants) in the state of Rio, as well as a university research center to “deepen the knowledge of ecosystems of the region”. It thus plans to preserve “81% of the total surface area” and a built occupation of 6.6%.

The project it has thus adapted to the sustainability criteria demanded by the tourist market today and residential in many parts of the world.

At the same time, Marey is committed to education, with the construction of a hotel and haute cuisine university, a hospital and a school of excellence. According to its website, “about 3,700 teaching places” will be generated. Housing estates and hotels would include sports centers, a shopping center and other services.

“We have all the necessary permits, both from the State of Rio de Janeiro and from the Municipality of Maricá, and with an environmental license. We are the only private project declared strategic by the State of Rio de Janeiro”, he told Expansión newspaper yesterday. . Emilio Izquierdo MerloCEO of Maraey.

Izquierdo is the son of one of the promoters of the project, Emilio Izquierdo Jiménez, founder of the Abacus group and former director general of industry of the UPN Government of Navarre between 1996 and 1999. Kiko Senosiainchairman of the Cetya group, is another partner in this initiative.

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