Sonorama reopens the Plaza del Trigo with a surprise concert for six thousand people

Nena Daconte, during her performance in the Plaza del Trigo de Aranda. / Susana Gutierrez

The public celebrates the return to normality of the festival with Nena Daconte

Susana Gutierrez

Only three years had passed. It was in August 2019 that the surprise presence of Viva Sweden burst onto the scene. Sonorama said goodbye to Plaza del Trigo until the following year, but that never happened. This was also not possible in 2021, with a reduced edition and with restrictions, with the place as the only place. The pandemic has silenced the festival’s most special venue and reliving its magic has been one of die-hard fans’ greatest desires.

The long-awaited moment since 2019 has arrivedhas become in recent days one of the most repeated phrases on social networks,
illustrated with photographs of this place that forged the legend that elevates unknown bands to fame, as happened with Vetusta Morla or Izal.

A square located in the historic center of Arandino, full of typical Castilian buildings and guarded from the basement by several meters of underground cellars from medieval times.

Ten songs to enjoy Sonorama 2022

This Thursday its curtain has risen again, one of those that make the Aranda de Duero festival “different”. ‘El Trigo’, once again, looked crowded, full of color, bustle and throats singing the songs of Kora, Sienna and Jack Bisonte, and with the mind fixed on the surprise #EspírituRibera at three afternoon hours.

There was also another poster classic, the Civil Protection garden hose, refreshing from a balcony in the square, as far away as possible, from the sun and the meteorological and festive heat. As acclaimed as the artists, he was once again the greatest ally of all the montages on the most special stage, with six thousand people, the capacity authorized by security measures.

Several young people in the streets of Aranda. /


Festival director Javier Ajenjo (he suffered a knee accident on Tuesday evening, which forced him to undergo surgery to request an immediate exit and move around the festival using a wheelchair) did not resign himself to missing this moment and was able to go on stage to announce the first surprise and
officially welcome the 25th anniversary.

And the surprise came with the name of Nena Daconte. Mai Meneses burst into the Plaza del Trigo recalling some of his most famous songs and reaching a clamor at the close of the concert with his most famous chorus: “I had so much to give you, so many things to say, I had so much love, saved for you…’ . Nearby, in another famous square of the festival, ‘La Sal’, a great atmosphere to experience with proposals such as Moning Drivers, Binary Diagnostics or Trapece.

And the “Pool Party” served its purpose, even more so on such a hot day. The water attractions, animated by the music of the DJs at the hottest hours, have caught the attention of young audiences, in a proposal designed especially for them, which is accompanied by bar and restaurant offers at more affordable prices. .

“We have succeeded, after 25 years, in having a festival with heart. This sets us apart from the others.” These words from Javier Ajenjo describe the philosophy of SonoramaRibera, which appeals at many times to the sensitive fiber, to the sentimental part of the participants. It will do so in particular at various times during the four days of this edition. As with any anniversary, there will be a gift, in the form of a secret headliner who will take the stage this Friday evening, around 11:20 p.m. Something they claim to surprise “for the best”, but which is carried in the most absolute secrecy.

And after the gift, on Saturday evening, the tribute will arrive, performed during the “25th Anniversary Concert”. Little data has been revealed, but everything indicates that artists and bands will reminisce about the songs that most marked Sonorama’s life and the audiences who grew up with them.

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