Piastri was never able to sign a contract with Alpine F1

    If a few days ago the alarms jumped with the apparent defection of Oscar Piastri from the French team, after the unilateral announcement of his promotion to F1 as Ocon’s partner for 2023. Today the site RacingNews363. com publishes according to sources inside the France team the causes which could have led to the departure of the Australian.

    Piastri has never been linked to Alpine F1

    And it is that, as strange as it may seem, the young promise and darling of Renault in recent years has never really had a contract signed with Alpine, or not with the F1 team itself.

    Apparently, since November last year, when it became known that Piastri would not be promoted to F1 as he would have liked and deserved for his achievements in F2 and F3, Oscar and Alpine have reached an agreement for this year that included what Otmar Szafnauer He has repeated several times these days: being a test driver, a total of 3,500 km at the hands of an F1 from other seasons, and the possibility of being promoted to F1 in 2023.

    However, this agreement was not sealed between Piastri and Alpine, but between Oscar and the Alpine riding academy. Consequently, Oscar Piastri and McLaren had no impediments when they formalized their pre-agreement before the Formula 1 Contract Recognition Board, since the young driver had no current F1 contract.

    In this way, the British brand was able to establish links with the Australian without any obstacle, since within the Contracts Board there was no previous record that linked Piastri to Alpine.

    I go to court

    One way or another, while this would put Piastri on the verge of making his F1 breakout with McLaren, as the driver wishes, there are several outstanding points from this whole earthquake; all of legal significance and which seems to force the passage through the courthouse.

    On the one hand, McLaren is still linked to Daniel Ricciardo, a driver who is trying to find no financial compensation to lift the contract that unites them for the next season, according to the same source, the figure could be around 21 million dollars.

    And finally, and as Otmar himself recently clarified, Alpine will not resign himself to losing his pupil without obtaining at least some financial compensation that they just understand for all that has been invested in Oscar Piastri in recent years.

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