will have to undergo an operation

New bad news for Mercedes Milá. After suffer a terrible accident while riding a bike, the presenter of Movistar Plus + revealed on her official Instagram account that you will need to undergo surgery after confirmation of a worse prognosis the one they originally gave her when she was treated.

“My doctor, Rafa González-Adrio, asked Dr. Manchón’s clinic to do a CT scan today. I didn’t believe the result. At the hospital in France, near where I fell , they assured me that I had a clean break requiring no surgery and now it turns out that I destroyed the head of the humerus and it is urgent that I go through the operating room“, confided the journalist in story.

“It is true that the pain increases, but it was not in my plans to ‘erase’ the month of August. William Levy and a servant found themselves without a vacation, continues Milá in another short-lived story about her official Instagram account.

It must be remembered that Mercedes Milá revealed last Friday that she suffered a spectacular accident while on vacation in France, which led him straight to the hospital with a diagnosis that seemed clear: broken humerus.

The presenter herself is the one who shared what happened on her official Instagram profile. According to his story, he was riding a bike with a group of friends when an insect attacked her and in a reflex she tried to get rid of it. That’s when he lost control of his vehicle and ended up stomping on some bushes.

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“A horsefly bit me and to defend myself I took my right hand off the bike and went straight to a blackberry that had wood and a lot of stuff inside. When I fell I felt my shoulder was broken“, began to tell the presenter. “Although it was expensive to get me out of there, they succeeded and took me to the hospital. There they did an X-ray and they saw that the humerus was broken. I was in horrible pain.”

‘Mediterranean’, his inspiration to recharge his batteries

The communicator also recovered a fragment of the performance in which Joan Manuel Serrat and Ana Belén sang “Mediterráneo” in a 1990 television program: “This music takes me back to very happy times and that’s what I want to inspire through the days of stillness ahead.

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