we discovered the substance that transports broccoli

When we talk about diindolylmethano we refer to a chemical substance that can be found in different vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli. It helps the metabolism to recover from injuries, especially superficial ones. It is so important that it is said that these scars can heal twice as fast thanks to its action.

A series of recent studies conducted by Israeli specialists at Ben Gurion University in Beersheba concluded that healing times decrease significantly in living beings who receive treatments with DIM, a name given to diindolylmethane outside the medical field. .

A more effective solution than antibiotics

The results of the report, which were published in the Pharmaceutical Journal, indicate that therapy with synthetic forms of diindolylmethane was successful in healing wounds in pigs up to twice as fast as in specimens that were exposed to conventional treatments with antibiotics.

The authors of this research also point out that one of the reasons for this greater healing efficiency of DIM it has to do with the fact that the substance in question is unable to kill the layer of bacteria that enters and remains in the wound, so there is no trace of dead tissue to salvage.

“Antibiotics kill the layer of bacteria present in the wound. When it heals, a new layer of tissue grows, although some lifeless tissue remains. DIM does not kill bacteria, and therefore does not leave a layer of bacteria or dead tissue, so healing is faster,” they explained.

Present and future benefits of DIM

Since diindolylmethane could be the substitute for common antibiotics in a few years being supplied to man as today to animals, it is essential to recommend a high consumption of this component by the contribution of cauliflower, broccoli, etc.

While substance in treatments would be essential for cancer patients, Harnessing the natural nutrients in these vegetables could help prevent cancer. Especially prostate cancer in men and cervical cancer in women, which are two of the most common that exist.

These foods also offer multiple vitamins, minerals and other benefits for the body due to its level of iron, chlorophyll and folic acid, all essential for the body to fight hypercholesterolemia and regulate blood sugar, purifying the organs without any contraindications.

As for broccoli, it is one of the most recommended vegetables by experts when it comes to including it in any healthy and balanced diet. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it brings many benefits to our body given its high content of iron, chlorophyll and folic acid.

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