Villarreal waiting for a nice offer from the Prime Minister for Yeremy Pino

The Villarreal You need a big sale to balance your accounts. The club announced it with the greatest possible power that its media stakeholders allow, via the chairman and managing director. This is not news. Nor that the original intention was that possible revenue would come from players like Pau Francisco Torres, Danjuma or Stupid. But the market doesn’t always go your way.

Jeremy Pino It’s become one of those surprises that you never think can come, or want, but feels like an opportunity. A case similar to that of Pau last season when Tottenham were presented with a €50m purchase offer. This is the player who rejected the tempting offer. The Canarian striker, another of the huge talents that Miralcamp’s star factory has produced, is one of the cracks that aims very high in Spanish football and was once an absolute international. Only injuries slowed his progress at the end of last season. Now, Villarreal are waiting for a lucrative offer from the Prime Minister, as reported by the As newspaper. The club already know that there is interest from a major English football club, which has been communicated to them through his agent. . All that’s missing is the offer being put on paper and convincing Villarreal. And that the player gives the OK to go to England.

80 million clause shield

Villarreal protected him with an €80m clause. It’s a number in a contract, but the market price is another and the club chaired by Fernando Roig does not plan to get rid of the player for a figure that does not start from 45 million euros. Yeremy is only 19 years old and has a ceiling in his progression that is not yet known.

Neither the club nor the footballer himself believed that an operation of this type could come. Yeremy Pino’s intention was to continue at Villarreal because they consider it the ideal team to follow for at least another year.

The truth is that Villarreal want to balance the sales but don’t have the urgency to do so immediately and could wait until June 30 to sign up a good sum of millions for one of their stars. The message is that if the offer presented to him by the Prime Minister does not reach a minimum of 45 million euros, Yeremy will happily continue at the club which provided him with the springboard to professional football and to be an absolute international with Spain. The Villarreal winger follows in the footsteps of Pedri, who came from a batch of top Canarian footballers.

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