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On Sunday August 7, the Turkish soap opera “Sadakatsiz” presents its 51st chapter, with more emotions and revelations. Asya will be thrown into several traps in the new installment of Season 2. Here, we tell you more about the place that the Ottoman drama will have on the television schedule and what we will see in the novel starring Melis Sezen and Caner Cindoruk.

The situation of the protagonist was complicated in the previous episode. Asya, without knowing why, was arrested by the police when I was trying to get to London, England, with Macawson a dream trip.

But the doctor was accused of negligence and the authorities won’t let her leave the country until the case has been fully investigated. Stunned, the doctor goes looking for a way to find out what is behind this request.

Unfaithful”, thus continues to captivate the public of Antenna 3a television channel that broadcasts, every week, new chapters in Spain. Find out the program that the telenovela will have on Sunday August 7 and what will happen in the episode 51.

Asya at the airport when informed that she cannot leave Turkey (Photo: Medyapım)
Asya at the airport when informed that she cannot leave Turkey (Photo: Medyapım)


The bestselling novelUnfaithfulcaptured the attention of international audiences, with a surprising plot and constant twists in its stories. Now Antena 3 has reported the schedule for the telenovela featuring Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen and Caner Cindoruk.

The “Infidels” program, during Sunday, August 7, is from 10:00 p.m. (local time) to 12:00 p.m. (local time).


5. Asya almost killed a patient

Asya will be suspended from the hospital after what I prescribed insulin to a diabetic woman, which nearly killed the patient. In this way, he will find himself without pay or work for the time being. The doctor, however, will not sit idly by and find out that Gönul was behind it all: the woman changed the patient’s medical history to harm the doctor.

Aras, in black, next to Asya, who is in a white suit (Photo: Medyapım)
Aras, in black, next to Asya, who is in a white suit (Photo: Medyapım)

4. Gönul is being blackmailed

with evidence, Asya will arrive at Gönul to tell her that he already knows that she has put his patient in danger and that he has everything to denounce her to the police. Then, the doctor will blackmail her by asking her for one of her family’s buildings so that she is not imprisoned. Revenge will cost Gönul dearly and will have no other way but to accept, which surprised Volcano.

Gözde Seda Altuner, de rojo, interpretando a Gönül (Photo: Medyapım)
Gözde Seda Altuner, de rojo, interpretando a Gönül (Photo: Medyapım)

3. The wedding of Nil and Selçuk

After a few days, Selcuk married Nildespite the fact that she is now expecting a child Ceren and after listening to the advice of Deep stay with who will be the mother of his baby. He won’t accept and says he will take care of his son, but he loves Nil. Thus, the long-awaited wedding will take place in the hubbub of their friends, but with Asya’s Absencewho is about to go to London, England with Aras.

Selçuk in a black jacket and Nil in a romantic moment (Photo: Medyapım)
Selçuk in a black jacket and Nil in a romantic moment (Photo: Medyapım)

2. Derin mistreated Ali

However, Asya’s plans will change when Silk I told Asya that Derin mistreats Ali. The doctor will rethink his trip without knowing that everything is part of Gönul’s new plan. After reflection, the protagonist of “Infidel” will decide to stay, while Aras will no longer bear the situation and will leave. Tekirdag solo.

1. Gönul’s Plans

To finish, Asya will wear her best clothes to attend the wedding of Selçuk and Nil. This, of course, will cause a lot of intrigue among the guests of the ceremony, but not in Heartwho will be delighted that her strategy has worked: from this moment, the woman will propose other plans against the doctor.


Turkish soap opera “Infiel” is broadcast in Spain via the Antena 3 signal. During season 2 of “Unfair”, the chapters were published on Sundays and in 22:00 hours time.

The best-selling novel, moreover, can also watch online and live on the streaming platform where are all the episodes that appeared on the small screen and exclusive previews only for subscribers.



is one of the most successful Turkish soap operas of recent years. The drama starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen was not only a hit in Turkey but also in over thirty countries around the world. The story of the love triangle between Asya, Volkan and Derin has enjoyed great popularity since its premiere in 2020.

Then we will show you the names that the Ottoman production adopted in different countries.


She is one of the most recognized actresses in Turkey, who gained international fame thanks to her main roles in the soap operas “Madre” and “Infiel”. Her works brought her good profits, so the actress decided to invest her money in works of art.

Read more about this expensive and beautiful hobby of the Turkish actress making .

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