Txikis invade Vitoria

Gasteiz looks again at the clock of San Miguel on August 7 at noon to cheer the descent of Celedón txiki and Edurne and the Virgen Blanca vibrates again. The boys and girls scream, sing and bounce without losing sight of the dolls going down the cable. all that childhood enthusiasm reaches its peak when Unax Ferrera, Celedón txiki and Elaia Berganzo, Edurne, take the floor and invite boys and girls to have fun and enjoy the day that La Blanca dedicates to the little ones.

It’s twenty minutes to twelve and half the place is already packed; all together in the shade to receive the txaranga arriving by Mateo de Moraza, followed by families, and giants appearing in the square. Gorka Ortiz de Urbina, Celedón, prepares bottles of water and the municipal music group sings Happy birthday to you. Suddenlydead silence in a rejuvenated square until the rocket marks the start of the descent from Edurne, with a red umbrella, which precedes Celedón txiki, with a blue umbrella. Celedón built a new house…, The White Virgin dances in unison Arms raised and cheers until five minutes after the dolls arrive on the balcony; end of the trip.

“Bravo and applause

Amid applause, they wave to children Unax and Elaia waving their umbrellas before crossing the square escorted by officers and blouses who give way to them. Excited, they arrive on the steps of San Miguel and they turn to dedicate several goras to the audience of children, who burst into applause. “Today is a special day; it’s the day of the txikis and we invite you to enjoy it with us”, they shout Celedon txiki and Edurne already with the red scarf around his neck.

“Perfect they did”, appreciates the mistress of Unax as she enters the balcony while the two children are photographed with Celedon and the mayor, Gorka Urtaran, and the councilor for the festivities, Estibaliz Canto, receive two miniature figures of Gargantua.

At 11, the two have a long journey to La Blanca parties; Unax has been wearing a blouse in the Karraxi gang since she was two years old, and Elaia, since she was six months old, dresses as a neska in Hegotarrak. “At Kings, when I received the gifts, I opened an envelope that said it was going to be Celedón txiki, I cried a lot,” says Unax. Elaia was also taken aback when the news was delivered to her via video in class. “I was very happy,” she recalls.

“He plays football very well”

Azaitz and his brother Zunbeltz are delighted to attend the event with their parents Raúl and Zuriñe. They know Celedón txiki because they are from the gang of blouses and neskas Karraxi. “He played football with me, he is very good and we went to the paseo; Also, today we are going to be with the crew all day,” Azaitz told his 12-year-old. As a family, they accompanied Celedón txiki and Edurne in the floral offering preceding the Virgen Blanca. At the foot of the niche, Unax and Elaia danced an aurresku to the patron saint once the bouquet of flowers has been deposited; Later they entered inside the Church of San Miguel like many other Gasteiz families.

In the mogollón of the square, Roberto sees the descent of Celedón txiki and Edurne with their son Alejando and the twins Danel and Adrián, children of Ainara and friends of Alejandro. “What we like the most is when Celedón txiki and Edurne cross the square to the balcony”, they agree. Next year they plan to join the Zoroak blouse and neska gang in which they have a friend.

Boys and girls are the kings and queens of the 7th August festivities and as such they are ready to celebrate the day. tents, giants and big heads, paseíllo, fireworks, humor corner and endless activities await them when Celedón txiki and Edurne leave the balcony.

The Peio and Unax twins

Maider will eat in the center with her twins Peio and Unax – like Celedón txiki – who are 6 years old. “Yes, they live in Barcelona and are not used to so many children being called UnaxMaider points out. They are not their first parties, they were before the pandemic, even if they were small and remember little, but they are ready to come back every year for La Blanca because in Barcelona they have nothing like Edurne and Celedon txiki.

Nerea arrives with her three children at white virgin. Andoni, the eldest, 10 years old, does not want to be a blouse, but wears the clothes; his brother Hey, Instead, yes, although he hasn’t decided which gang to join yet. They like the descent of Celedón txiki and Edurne; later, they will go to the comedy corner and the mini-disco in which Noah He will dance with a lot of style, the same one he already shows to pose for the family photo. Like his twins Oier and Andoni, he has already taken out the bumper cars and Mario’s house, an attraction in which the ground moves; he was not afraid; however, large heads scare him. Celedon! You have built a new house!/Zeledon! Good window on the balcony! “Come on Edurne and little Celedón!” exclaimed Unax and Elaia.

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