Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser will be able to use HVO diesel

Diesel fuels that are sold today at most gas stations are called B7 and B10. Its name indicates that a percentage of its composition, 7 or 10 percent, is based on vegetable oils, while the rest is a gas oil obtained by distillation of petroleum. However, there are other fuels that, in other proportions, incorporate the so-called biodiesel with diesel of fossil origin: up to 33%, with diesel called R33, a product that is on sale in d other European countries, but which is not located in Spain. By virtue of its approval, it is compatible with classic diesel engines.

Also there are other diesel fuels in which there are no traces of oil, either because it is synthetic diesel, or because, directly, its composition uses one hundred percent vegetable oils or animal fats.

The former are also known as e-Diesel and are produced from hydrogen, usually obtained from water, combined with CO2 captured from the airso that its use does not increase the CO2 present in the atmosphere.

The seconds, Biodiesels are produced from plant and animal materials, which is why they also reduce their CO2 emissions compared to fossil-based diesel. They are framed by the European standard EN15940 and their composition, which is based on oils such as palm oil, rapeseed oil, etc., but even more on recycled cooking oil, in addition to fats from the meat or fishing industry, can also be used in Diesel engines with the advantage of not adding CO2 emissions: the plants that are used have already trapped it during of their life, so when that diesel is burned, that emission is offset.

This diesel is also known as HVO -hydrotreated vegetable oil- or HVO100 and has mostly been used by industrial machinery such as forklifts, elevators, etc. with diesel engines.

Audi has already been manufacturing diesel engines for its cars, the V6, since the beginning of the year, in addition to the fact that it can be used in others such as its four cylinders adapted to this fuel; And now it’s Toyota which announced Land Cruisers and Hilux production from 2023 and that they will have a specific injection setting -HVO100 is less dense than fossil fuel- Proace will be added to the list of models compatible with this Diesel. These models will be able to continue using, indiscriminately, any diesel regardless of its origin, although with the readjustment of the injection and taking into account the higher cetane number of biodiesel, greater power development can be seen in the engine.

Currently, HVO100 dispensers, a fuel on sale since 2015, are not common in Spain, but they are in other European countries, so between Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Norway and Sweden. are more than a thousand supply points available. And the hope is that the growth in its use continues to increase, so that in 2030, there will be 15.5 million tonnes produced: almost four times more than what is produced today.

The largest manufacturer of HVO100 is theThe Finnish company Neste, which is working to provide an increasing share of residues and waste in its composition compared to vegetable oils.

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