TikToker Theft Recovery iPhone Hack Sparks Controversy -2022

TikToker Viral Theft Recovery iPhone sparked a discussion in the comments about the usefulness of knowing the location of the stolen device if there is no way to recover it.

The creator, Katrina Audrey (@katrinaforeal), shared her character iphone theft story I walk users through a step-by-step process on how to find their iPhone’s location, even if the device is turned off. His video has accumulated over 11.5 million views.

“You need to hack this iPhone in case your phone gets stolen because my phone was last night and I already got it back,” says Katrina. He adds that he learned the trick from @technology review and Instagram.

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“Go to step one for Face ID and Passcode, you want to disable Control Center and USB accessories,” Audrey explains. Change Location Services, Find My iPhone, and Make Sure to Switch Between These Three [she’s referring to Find my iPhone, Find my Network, and Send Last Location]. “

This process requires the user to sign in somewhere else iOS device Using your Apple ID and then managing the stolen iPhone settings remotely from the secondary device for this method to work.

Katrina continues: “It allows you to find your phone, even when it is switched off or in airplane mode. Whoever stole my phone last night was literally out all night.” He then showed a screenshot of a map of Chicago showing his phone’s route through a series of steps followed.

“Look what happened in Chicago,” she said. “Southside, Northside, they ended up going back to Gurnee, Illinois. That’s the address they had, a nice little place, right? TikToker then showed a photo of the house that allegedly housed the stolen iPhone.

Katrina called the Gurney Police Department and gave them the address of the house. She says the police came to her house and took her phone.

the bone FCC reports That 68% of phone theft victims are ultimately unable to recover their stolen devices. The agency wrote: “The truth is, whether your smartphone is white, black or gold, it’s now about 30 times more valuable to an ounce than a piece of solid silver, and it’s easy to convert it discreetly cash.”

Despite Katrina’s advice, many TikTokers have expressed difficulty in recovering stolen phones and items from local law enforcement agencies. The comments section was filled with criticism of the performance or lack of performance of employers in obtaining these stolen items.

“The fact that the police actually listened and came to the site made me skeptical,” one user said. “The police told me directly” f? When I told them where my phone was.

Another said: “It’s outrageous because when I called the police here in San Francisco and told them I knew exactly what house I was in they said they considered it a loss.”

A third program: “It’s good to help the gendarmerie. When I found my husband’s iPhone, the police chased us out of the neighborhood because it was dangerous.”

One user said he took matters into his own hands, ignoring any bureaucratic procedures. “This just happened to my phone a week ago,” they wrote. “But I didn’t call the police, I just floated around the house.”

TikTok Katrina left some people confused as she followed trends step by step quite quickly. Commentators came to the rescue.

One user wrote “Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Control Center & USB Off, Privacy > Turn on Location Services, then Apple ID > Find My > Find My iPhone TURN ALL ON.”

Another noted “Use someone else’s phone and sign in with your Apple ID on Find my iphone, then all your Apple devices will be displayed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Katrina on TikTok for further comment.

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