this prank proves you can’t trust twitter

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A sidereal trolling demonstrates how fake news can fool millions of people.

Her name is Etienne Klein and despite its position as director of Atomic and Renewable Energy Commissionwill be known from this date as the person who managed to troll millions of users on Twitter thanks to a nice publication, which you can see below these lines. The fine line that separates the to jokewhat happened in this case, fake news malicious is reflected in Étienne’s tweet. The description of the image It was surprising, but the twist in the script was much more so. Wife written:

Photograph of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun, located 4.2 light years from us. Spotted by the James Webb Space Telescope. The level of detail… a new world is revealed day after day.

The sausage that posed as a star immortalized by the James Webb Space Telescope

It’s true that it exists difference at the time of observe the picturewhich we show you in more detail below these lines, if you know the trick the same, otherwise are you ready to joke. However, this one slice of chorizo was able to hit today among cosmic snapshot fans is something worth mentioning. The NASA’s most powerful telescope allowed us to discover images that will be part of the history of modern science, with galaxies distorted by spacetimeobserving dying stars or the incredible wheel galaxy in its greatest splendour. However, the red star that many thought was real was nothing more than a funny invention.

Is it a red dwarf or a slice of sausage?

Is it a red dwarf or a slice of sausage? Twitter

The directorand humorist in his spare time on the internet, exchanged with the French media Le Point for apologize for the joke and specify that your Tweeter pretend to be the speaker complaint of the fake news which are popular on the internet. Etienne said What:

According to contemporary cosmology, no object belonging to the Spanish delicatessen exists anywhere but on Earth. I think if he hadn’t said it was a picture of James Webb, the message wouldn’t have been so successful. Let us learn to be as careful with the arguments of authorized establishments as with the spontaneous eloquence of certain images.

It suits to contribute something of humor seriously by the scientific community, although it is still necessary to carry out relevant clarifications so that official bodies are not affected. The Nasa let us incredible news from time to time, like the one we wrote to Urban Tecno on laser fire against our forestsalthough the ones that captivate readers usually have more to do with space exploration, like this news item that pointed to the NASA and SpaceX as the two current giants of the sector.

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