this is how her daughter Bella Esmeralda is in her fourth month of life

  • The arrival of Bella Esmeralda, the daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, was accompanied by the death of the twin they were also expecting

  • The Manchester United influencer and striker has repeatedly shown himself to the youngest of the family on their social media

  • Jaca’s again showed off her baby, about to turn four months old, with a most endearing snap

Georgina Rodriguez there Cristiano Ronaldo became parents of Bella Emerald, the footballer’s fifth daughter, the third in common with the influencer, last April. The happy news was accompanied by a tragic event that made them feel “the greatest pain that parents can feel”: the loss of the other twin they were waiting for. A misadventure that marked the family forever, keep the baby very presentas they showed on their social networks.

Photos and name of the daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez

Photos of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez’s daughter

Their profiles were also, during this period, the showcase for getting to know the youngest of the clan, who is about to celebrate her fourth month of life. A recent image published by his mother allowed us to observe how much he has grown since his birth. “Beautiful emerald. my little big blessing”, we saw the protagonist of our news sleeping with the pacifier in her mouth, dressed in white pajamas and overalls and covered with a blanket with drawn clouds.

The adorable snap not only melted the model, but other familiar faces too like Paloma Cuevas, Lorena Gómez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, Alice Campello, Cristina Tárrega, India Martínez and Cristina Pedrochewho wanted to express how beautiful it is.

All the times we’ve seen Bella Esmeralda

It was last April 21 when we saw the first image of Bella Esmeralda. Three days after the happy – and fateful – news came out, the couple reappeared on Instagram to confirm that Jaca and the baby girl were recovering at the family home. They did it with an inn of the whole clanin which they appeared with shy smiles and the baby in the arms of the Manchester United striker, without us being able to see his face.

As the days go by, the parents wanted their legion of followers to get to know the girl a little better, separately sharing the first shots clearly showing his face. The Portuguese chose a black and white shot in which, half naked, he takes her in his arms. She, for her part, shared a carousel of images, titled with her daughter’s first name, in which she offered close-up portraits of her taken from different angles.

More than a month later, at the end of their working season, the family flew in to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. And it was precisely then that we saw the little girl of the house again, in the private jet in which they flew to the Balearic Islands, where they celebrated the twelfth birthday of Crisitano Jr, a party at the during which we saw the baby again with his inseparable pacifier.

Finally, the final confirmation of how much she’s grown in those months came via stories on the influencer’s Instagram a few weeks ago.

Con a more smiling and streetwise gestureWith even longer hair, earrings in her ears and dressed in a pink outfit that covered an immaculate white Dior bib, the young girl rested in her little arms.

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