They demand that Telecinco act urgently against Rafa Mora in the face of what was seen in ‘Sálvame’: ‘Last day’

Rafa Mora turned against everyone in ‘Sálvame’ for his attitude towards Carmen Borrego and Lydia Lozano, and the public is calling for his expulsion in general.

Raphael Mora He messed up again this Monday in ‘Save me‘ constantly throwing low blows at her teammates. A comment to Carmen Borrego prompted the collaborator to leave the set and all the companions to jump on her controversial remarks.

It all came about after talking about Gloria Camila signing for ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ and María Patiño making it clear that they didn’t sign her because she treated cows well. “She is about to be the daughter of Rocío Jurado and Ortega Cano but she did not choose it”, defended Rafa Mora. “We know celebrity kids like that. I love that Gloria Camila is here. But no one is obligated here,” Patiño replied to his partner.

While the rest of the classmates asked to be able to talk. “It’s impossible”, complained Carmen Alcayde and Carmen Borrego. “Rafa, you can shut up for a bit, my love,” Borrego asked his partner. “And why are you here?” Rafa Mora attacked him. “You respect me,” Borrego asked him. “Why am I here? asked Carmen then. “If I have to tell you, it’s because you have a problem,” he replied. “He is going to tell you that because you are the daughter of María Teresa Campos”, anticipates Patiño.

I’m tired of you saying that. You find out who I am and what I’ve done, asshole“, released Carmen Borrego very upset. “You are rude,” Rafa would blurt out. “Fuck you,” Borrego kept repeating as she left the set, tired of having to endure Rafa Mora’s attacks.

The collaborators face Rafa

After hearing everything that happened, María Patiño slapped Rafa Mora. “We devour each other when everyone has a reason to be here. I respect Pipi Estrada as much for being with Terelu as for Lydia Lozano because her family is not known. When we learn to respect each other and to give ourselves our place, we will have moved forward, ”said the presenter.

For her part, Lydia Lozano did not hesitate to comment on what Rafa Mora is. “He does it to sting, to touch the nose and because he is a bad imitator,” he thought. “And you are a person who does not contrast the news. Do you want us to be hurt? That you are the only collaborator who raises the dead,” attacked the collaborator.

Tired of listening to his attacks, María Patiño was clearly aiming at him again. “You demand a respect that you don’t give to others. If I have memory and put everyone’s blunder on the table here, even God is not saved,” corrected the presenter.

“You lose poo to create a show, but your show is very cheap. You are neither Matamoros nor Kiko Hernández. You are a copier. You don’t attract the public because they don’t believe youLydia Lozano let go, hitting her partner where it could hurt the most.

Finally, María Patiño returned to slap the collaborator without hands, putting on the table one of his main problems. “I don’t have the ability to say I’m here because I’m worth it because every day I try to do better. There is one thing that is fundamental in this job and sometimes I sin because of it, it is humility. Only when you are aware of your shortcomings and mistakes can you move forward. You say you’ve been here 13 years and I’ve been here for 25 and I don’t know if I’ll be here tomorrow”Patiño concluded.

The public says enough to “save me”

And as expected, one more day, the public of ‘Sálvame’ is tired of having to put up with Rafa Mora. For this reason, many do not hesitate to ask that the program stop having the collaborator or they will stop seeing ‘Sálvame’. “It’s over”, “No one is going to silence Rafa” or “Please let Rafa go now” are some of the comments that were read.

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