These are the 12 Lidl white brands you need to know about

In them is the explanation of the dazzling success of the Lidl site. They respond to the maxim of good, beautiful and cheap. And they are the best proof that doing it yourself is always more profitable than entrusting it to others. Those are the own brands or white brands of Lidl.

Perhaps the best known of all is Silver Crest, famous for legendary products like its food processor and for many other very practical utensils which, compared to those of well-known brands, offer many possibilities.

Here is a small overview of the Lidl brands that you can buy on their website.

1. Silver Crest

Nearly 200 cleaning, home and kitchen products

Silvercrest Toaster
Silvercrest Toaster PHOTO: lidl

under the brand of silver crest, Lidl sells 178 products (and counting). Among the best known, kitchen utensils such as the toaster, the bread machine, the mixer or the fryer. And, of course, his legendary food processor.

But the Silver Crest range also offers all kinds of appliances outside the kitchen, from the robot vacuum cleaner which has been one of the best sellers in recent years to the barbecue, and irons at unbeatable prices, window washers or vacuum cleaners of all types. and models.

2. Park side

The home handyman’s paradise

Lidl drill
Lidl drill PHOTO: Shopping The reason

The second most successful Lidl product line, and the one with the most items, is Park side, specialized in tools and DIY from the most basic (a toolbox or a hose) to the most sophisticated for the garden or the home.

Home DIYers have all sorts of inexpensive tools here. Among the most successful, drills, screwdrivers or even brushcutters. The proof of its success is that every week one of these items is among the best sellers on the Lidl website in Spain.

3. He cried

The cheapest sporting goods

Kettlebell weighs Russian from Lidl
Kettlebell weighs Russian from Lidl PHOTO: Shopping The reason

Lidl’s third most successful private label (228 products) is cry specializing in sports and free time.

In its catalog we find basic clothes for sports at ridiculous prices, exercise equipment such as the popular kettelbel or Russian weights, which have replaced the dumbbells of a lifetime, spare parts for various sports or even a very successful trampoline.

Other Lidl white brands

Lidl’s private label catalog is completed by nine other product lines, some better known than others, but all with an unbeatable quality/price ratio as a common denominator:

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