“The Sandman”, Tom Sturridge talks about the physical change of his character

“The Sandman” stars Tom Sturridge and is directed by Allan Heinberg.

Photo: Courtesy: Netflix

“The Sandman” is out on Netflix, the dark fiction that brings the comics published by Neil Gaiman to television. However, its protagonist in the series, Dream, is quite different from what he is in the comics. A change that his interpreter, Tom Sturridge, explained.

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In the comics, Sueño’s appearance causes him to be identified from the outset as a supernatural being, with wildly tousled hair, starry black eyes, pale skin, and generally gruesome features.

His unique “look” has been compared to Robert Smith, the enigmatic lead singer of The Cure. In the series, although the protagonist also has a dark aura, he looks more like a more ordinary human being.

“As a huge fan, the first thing I wanted to do was literally recreate the Morpheus (Dream) that appears in the comics. And we did that, we did loads of camera tests, we painted my skin as white as a sheet of paper, I had star contact lenses, very long wild hair, and it was amazing,” said Tom Sturridge.

“He really looked like the Sandman that we all know, but what Neil said, what’s really important is that if Morpheus was roaming the world, walking the streets of New York, no one should bat an eyelid. No one should realizing he’s among them. And if I walked down the hall of Shepperton Studios dressed like that, people would be like, ‘Whoa, where are you going?'” the British actor continued.

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Finally, Sturridge wanted to highlight the importance of the aforementioned Neil Gaiman in fiction, creator of the comic strip “The Sandman” and also in charge of its television adaptation for Netflix: “It didn’t work, and I know that One of the things that fans would question would be the changes in their appearance. And that really comes down to Neil and his advice: ‘Tom, you’re sickly pale anyway, your hair is always messy, and when I look into your eyes, I can see the cosmos. “So we’re fine.”

“The Sandman”, with a dream more or less similar to that of the Gaiman comics, has already presented its first season on Netflix.

Here is his official synopsis: “After spending years in prison, Morpheus (the King of Dreams) embarks on a journey through different worlds to regain what was taken from him and regain his power.”

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A mosaic of modern myth and dark fantasy in which current fiction, historical drama and legend seamlessly intertwine, the series examines the places and people affected by Morpheus as he attempts to right wrongs and mistakes. he has done in the past. existence, both on a cosmic and human level,” the streaming platform points out.

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