The RTX 4090 Ti will have the fastest memory in the world: GDDR6X 24 Gbps

Despite the confirmation no less than 4 months ago from the brand itself of the launch of the mass production of the fastest memory ever created for a graphics card, the reality is that Micron could not keep his word. Today and after GAP, what we have in front of us is not only the same announcement that was made in April, but also NVIDIA is included, which will include its best GPU RTX4090Ti this memory GDDR6X at 24Gbps.

If we look back, we will remember all the controversies and rumors that the RTX 3090 Ti, which suffered from delays at the time, could implement the aforementioned GDDR6X modules. This did not happen, production was not carried out for unknown reasons, there were delays and today the company returns with a renewed air and apparently with the problems solved. Good news for all players.

Micron GDDR6X at 24 Gbps, the next generation of DRAM memories for GPUs

In terms of specifications, nothing has changed from what slipped on this occasion. To recap and put the context we will remember the fact that these new GDDR6X are tfully pin-to-pin compatible with its predecessors, including the one that until now was the queen with 21 Gbps.

Therefore, and taking into account that Micron has reached this frequency at 24 Gbps with the same voltage, the same density (2 GB) and the same maximum capacity per interface and per bus, it is not surprising that rumors are already pointing to something highly anticipated by all users.

And it is that although everything remains the same comparing the 21 Gbps version that will arrive with the RTX 4080 against the new 24 Gbps revision, what will not be the same, apparently, is the consumption and possibly the Temperature final that they get More speed at the same voltage gives more consumption and temperature.

NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti, by the end of the year with this memory?


Well, it’s very likely and even more so considering AMD’s push. As expected and following a script similar to that of the RTX 3090 Ti (although not a guinea pig for consumption with) the RTX4090Ti It will apparently include these new high-performance memories.

It will, presumably, by the end of the year and assume that this graphics card has a 14% more bandwidth performance final to the same bus, an improvement that will increase its performance by just under half that number for the same Shaders. Remember that the main bottleneck of a GPU remains its memory, so this RTX4090Ti and his biggest muscle will look favorably on the GDDR6X at 24Gbps.

To get an idea of ​​the performance at this speed and with different buses in what is expected across the series, if all NVIDIA models are implemented, the bandwidth performance with this 24Gbps GDDR6X would be as follows:

  • 512-bit GPU -> 1.5 TB/s
  • 384-bit GPU -> 1.1 TB/s
  • 320 bit GPU -> 960 GB/s
  • 256-bit GPU –> 768 GB/s
  • 192-bit GPU –> 576 GB/s
  • 128 bit GPU -> 384 GB/s
  • 92-bit GPU -> 276 GB/s
  • 64-bit GPU -> 192 GB/s

In short, the bandwidths will increase to double digits on average and we should see that RTX 4090 Ti with 24Gbps GDDR6X by the end of the year or the beginning of 2023, where we expect to finally see the AD102 in full thanks to this model which, according to the latest information, will be well over 600 watts (rumors of 800 watts peak).

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