Tamara Falcó, the Marquise of Netflix

The influencer Tamara Falcó, Marchioness of Griñón, is the protagonist of the reality Tamara Falcó: The Marquisesix episodes in which she shows unknown facets of her life until now, even if as she points out herself: “Almost my whole life is told in the magazine Hello! “.

Fun, carefree, loving and familiar, that’s how Isabel Preysler’s daughter is shown in the first chapter of the just released Netflix series, which begins with a girl Tamara in front of a birthday cake, to go immediately to the “superparty” for his 40th birthday.

“Frivolity is sometimes necessary, you have to take a break from life, but you can’t live being frivolous all the time”, warns Tamara Falcó (Madrid, 1981). Aware that part of the public thinks she is, she knows that not everyone can like her and therefore she does not live thinking what other people think.

The young woman assures that her big The young woman assures us that her great “passion-vocation” is cooking.Indeed, she feels protected by her followers on social networks against attacks from people who criticize her way of life: “I delete his comments myself, there is no place for this kind of abusive criticism in my community.”

Now that the series is already on the air, the young woman is clear that she can be laughed at, but she maintains that it is not something that worries her. “I know how to laugh at myself. I don’t understand life without humor.

In addition, he assures that there is not much change from this girl who blew out the candles to the woman of today and recognizes that when they proposed the reality she thought it would be “difficult” to say anything about her that wasn’t already known. “We’ll see if they succeeded,” he says, looking at the director of the series and content at Komodo Studio, producer of the series, Juan Pablo Cofré.

Falcó admits that the plan to record the reality It was “complicated” because it led to him asking favors from friends and family, “exposing” everyone around him, who doesn’t like to be involved in something like this. “It was difficult for me to make the decision, but I trusted the professionals,” he says.

Convincing her mother was one of the challenges, but she finally gave in and a fluid relationship is seen between the two, in which criticism and reflections on the plans of the influencer they are questioned by their mother unequivocally.

Bringing in his partner, Íñigo Onieva, wasn’t that hard, but it wasn’t easy either. “I’m extremely open and my relationship with the media comes a long way, for him it’s a nightmare, but that’s what he touches,” he says of the media interest they generate: ” We have exposed ourselves to an open heart.”

He says that his “passion-vocation” was discovered in the kitchens of MasterChef and he affirms insistently: “I am a chef and I did not deserve it by combing my hair”, after obtaining the title at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school.

One reason that led him to consider running an ephemeral restaurant for three weekends in September on the El Rincón estate, bequeathed by his father, Carlos Falcó, and of which he shares ownership with his brother Manuel. “It took a great effort to start this project which meant the development of the family palace house.”

Moreover, he also confirms that it is not an urban legend that when faith appeared in his life, he considered being religious, although he ultimately ruled it out.

The collaborator of El hormiguero stresses that she appreciates her experience on television and “time will tell” if viewers respond with interest to this realitywhich he claims to have had no right of veto, “because it was not necessary”.

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