So did Amber Heard’s alleged sex parties

A writing desk influencer The named Jessica Reed Kraus has revealed the details of the alleged sex parties organized by actress and model Amber Heard, who in recent days has been quite hurt in the middle of the lawsuit against her ex-partner Johnny Depp.

On the famous site House Livingthe influencer said to have gathered information from different sources which allowed him to know details events organized by the American actress and model, once a month.

According to Reed Kraus, the alleged sex parties involved powerful men, “tech gods, capitalists, founders, senior executives and up-and-coming entrepreneurs”.

β€œThe events were massive and there were large amounts of MDMA and alcohol, as well as people having sex,” he said.

So mime, he said ‘ex-friends of Amber Heard’ told him the actress had met to mogul Elon Musk during the parties he organized with his ex-wife in his house in Beverly Hills.

Therefore, he declared the influencerIt was from there that Heard became interested in these types of parties, given that she had “the ability to attract other young (usually lesbian) actresses in distress”.

“At the parties, there were a lot of young girls rubbing shoulders in satanic-style leather outfits on stage. Amber sat in a throne-shaped chair in the center. They looked like pornstars on display, performing sex acts in a room full of watching men.β€œ, he described in House to live.

Did Amber Heard use Johnny Depp’s alleged erectile dysfunction to ‘stalk’ him?

Johnny Depp’s lawyers have slammed Amber Heard’s legal team for trying to bring up the actor’s alleged erectile dysfunction during his defamation lawsuit. calling the attempt “pure harassment”, according to recently unsealed court documents.

“Mrs. Heard wants a circus and clearly intends to lead this trial through a number of unnecessary holes, including and especially with respect to Mr. Depp’s medical history,” the star’s attorneys wrote. Pirates of the Caribbean in a motion filed under seal on March 22.

In this sense, Depp’s lawyers said that to show that he intended to take the easy way out at trial, Heard included in his answers to the interrogations that Depp “was taking medication for erectile dysfunction”. He suggested that in some way this could be a motivation for the abuse,” the previously confidential letter reads.

Consequently, Johnny Depp’s defense team referred to these “tactics” as Lawyers for Heard as “nothing more than pure harassment”, confirmed a document obtained by The post office.

In a 965-page motion filed days later, Heard’s attorneys responded, explaining why they thought it was important for the jury to know about the actor’s alleged medical condition.

“Although Mr. Depp prefers not to disclose his erectile dysfunction status, such status is absolutely relevant to sexual violence, including Mr. Depp’s anger and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard,” wrote writes the trial lawyers. Aquaman in a reference to her allegation that Depp, 59, sexually assaulted her with a bottle.

“Mr. Depp’s erectile dysfunction makes Mr. Depp more likely to become angry or agitated during encounters with Amber Heard, and to resort to alcohol,” the document, filed March 28 before the court, said. court in Fairfax, Virginia, also under seal.

Lawyers wanted to include Depp’s prescription of Cialis, a common treatment for erectile dysfunction, in the lawsuit, according to the filing. These allegations were ultimately excluded from the process.

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