Real Madrid: Spain and Madrid: Europe at your feet

Ethe historic olympic stadium helsinkione of the first games where the Soviet Union (1952), is the framework in which opens the European fight for the titles during the season 2022-23. Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurtchampions of Champions and some Europa Leaguethey play the European Super Cupa tournament imagined in 1971, which had an experimental final the following year between Ajax and Rangers (unofficial), which really started in 1973 (the Ajax defeated Milan) and that it is 50 years old, but not 50 editions, because in 1974, 1981 and 1985 it did not take place.

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Finland’s capital could be where Spanish football puts a new pin on a map, that of European football, which is full of markings with the Spanish flag. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about national teams (29.8%) or clubs (36.73%), because when it comes to counting titles, nobody spends as much time as Spain.

Vincius Jr.’s goal (0-1) at Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid

On this triumphal path, the real Madrid It is a Spanish standard. The white team seeks in the city of lakes and forests its European title number 21 of its first team, one more if we add the Youth League won with Ral in charge. White sees his two pursuers from afar: Barcelona (14, plus two with juveniles) and Milano (14, all with their first team).

absolute lord of Champions League With their dazzling 14 crowns, Ancelotti’s men are looking to take the lead in the Supercup against the Frankfurt eagles. the tournament that chelsea (1998) y Galatasaray (2000) were refused on their first two attempts and the Atl├ętico Madrid in the last (2018), the Whites won it in 2002, 2014, 2016 and 2017. This puts Madrid just one Super Cup title from Milan and Barcelona and with the same as Liverpool.

The power of Spanish clubs was cemented in the last century and soared in this one. Of the 23 editions organized since 2000, Spain have won 11 Champions (seven out of Madrid) and 11 Europa League (six of Seville); and of the 22 European Super Cups, 12 have ended in Spain (four from Madrid).

In this collection is not the conference leaguewon by Roma in a first edition where there were no Spaniards last season and which has Villarreal as the first team to carry the Spanish flag in this competition.

red and reds

The overwhelming dominance of Spanish clubs, evident in the titles of Champions (19), of Europa League (13) y Super Cup (15), goes along with those who arrive at the Las Rozas Museum through the selection. Only Germany has the same Eurocopas absolute than Spain (three). And when the counter went to the lower ones, the Spanish domain soared: 5 out of 23 under 21 (tied with Italy) and devastating in under 19 (9 out of 25) and under 17 (9 out of 29 ).

This is how La Rojita celebrated 19 European submarinesRFEF

The structure of the lower categories which designed Theodore Grandson shortly after his arrival Angel Maria Villar to the Federation, laid the foundations of a model that has become so established over the years as an example to which other Federations have turned to change their training strategy and the steps to build the success of inferior teams . Germany was one of the first powers to appear in Las Rosas to find out what Spain was doing so that, generation after generation, tournament after tournament, their children won or were about to.

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