Premier League: Desperation at Old Trafford: ‘The first thing you do when United’s phone rings…’

NOTnew coach, new season, renewed hopes…until the Brighton and aggression Old Trafford with his first victory in 113 years. Not long ago the radiant optimism that enveloped United under the new leadership of Erik ten Hag gave way to the first boos from the parish of the “red devil”. The fall into hell Manchester United There seems to be no end and far is a reign that has come to strike fear into English football.

It’s a hell of a job. We must learn lessons and learn quickly from them. We don’t have time and we have to comply“, analyzed the Dutch coach after the first defeat of the season. Erik ten Hag “gave” a phrase to a fan accustomed to winning and fighting for all titles (and not “conforming”) to make clear the complicated season ahead. new recruits, Lisandro Martinez and Tyrell Malaciado not generate many illusions and the situation of Cristiano Ronaldo It is becoming more and more unsustainable. The Portuguese star is convinced he has enough reason to leave and jorge mendes Don’t rest until you’ve reached your goal.

“The first thing you do when United’s phone rings…”

After the heavy defeat against the Brighton (1-2), various voices allowed to speak in depth about the Manchester United decided to take the microphone and analyze the current situation of the “network” group.

Ten Hag explains the reasons for replacing Cristiano Ronaldo against BrightonPA

The first thing you do when the Manchester United phone rings is to reject the offer.because the reality is that after losing that game to Brighton on Sunday… they’re actually negotiating in an even worse position than they were on Saturday, and that’s an even bigger problem for them.” Gary Neville.

“I have a comment on anything in the world except the news that Manchester United have signed Marko Arnautovic. I have nothing to say. We have seen Radamel Falcao, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edison Cavani, Odion Ighalo, desperate, is a model. It happens again and again. I don’t even get angry anymore,” he harshly criticized.

Roy Keane’s “dream” and Cristiano’s stick

Former English footballer and current sports commentator, Roy Keanplayed a more subdued role and mortgaged United’s future on the transfer card: “If they get players in the next few weeks they can be in the top four“.

“Right now you wouldn’t say they’re one of the favorites for the top four, but if they can do a few deals that they’re clearly looking for, then you’ll have to say Man Utd have had enough in their dressing room.added to the new manager, to compete in the Premier League”.

Why doesn’t anyone like Cristiano Ronaldo?

In addition, Roy Kean enjoy his appearance in sky sports throw a dart at Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’m glad he didn’t leave sooner”, he remarked with a certain mocking tone. The former United captain recalled the Portuguese leaving the stadium before the end of the game against him. Vallecano Ray last week.

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