Perseids 2022: the best places to enjoy the meteor shower in Vigo

Every year at this time, the Earth crosses the trajectory left by comet Swift-Tuttle on each of its orbits around the Sun. And it is precisely in this cloud of dust and rocks that it originates the most anticipated meteor shower of the summer, the Perseids. When the small particles from the comet touch the Earth’s atmosphere, the luminous traces called shooting stars are produced, in this case also called “tears of San Lorenzo” and whose maximum peak of activity is expected in 2022 between the first hours August 11-14.

Although this year, the peak of meteor activity will have the main disadvantage of coinciding with the full moon, which will complicate good visibility, contemplating the rain of stars will not be impossible if you choose the right place.

recommended places

In Vigo and its region there are different natural enclaves where you can enjoy the tears of San Lorenzo and which various astronomy lovers generally recommend, starting with the same height of Monte O Castro. Experts that, although in some areas they can be affected by the light pollution of the city, inside and near the wall it is dimmed in certain directions, so it is possible to contemplate the Perseids.

View of Mont O Castro and the wall of the Castle of San Sebastian. MARTA G.BREA

Another natural enclave that is a good choice is Mount Vixiador Forest Park, in Candeán, as it is a fairly dark wooded area, only altered by the proximity to Vigo airport, close to Porto Cabeiro. Another good alternative to enjoy the rain of stars is the Mount Albawhere night observation can also be carried out without major inconvenience, although it is somewhat affected in the direction of Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro.

On the other hand, further from the city, some good options recommended by astronomy enthusiasts are the Mount Gallineiro in the areas of the Auga da Laxe Archaeological Complex or in the Lago do Lapido Recreational Area. In Nigrán, a good choice is the Castro of Chandebrito, and a little further from the region, the Alto de Montouto, in Fontefriavery close to A Cañiza, will be another good place for night observation, since it culminates at 948 meters above sea level.

Night observation plans

For those who want to live an even more complete experience, and relatively close to the city, there is the possibility of going to the Cerdedo-Cotobade Astronomical Observatory, managed by the Syrian Astronomical Association and the Canyon de Pau. Currently, they carry out night observations every Saturday of the month, by prior reservation. Likewise, it will be this same association that, coinciding with one of the days of maximum activity of the Perseids, will lead on Friday August 12 an activity in Castro de Troñain the Concello de Ponteareas, which will consist of a night vision of the constellations and the corresponding astronomical explanations.

Upper part of the deck of one of the Mar de Ons boats, before a night out. Sea of ​​Bears

Contemplate the tears of San Lorenzo from the sea is another good plan for these dates, and it is that Naviera Mar de Ons will have a special service to enjoy the most anticipated meteor shower of the summer. Specifically, on the nights of Wednesday August 10 and Thursday August 11, Mar de Ons will organize two astronomical experiments to observe the full moon and on the 12th, 13th and 14th, coinciding with the peak of maximum activity of the Perseids, the ships of Mar de Ons will put head for the waters of the Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas make observations on this astronomical phenomenon.

The astronomical experiments to see the supermoon will depart at 10:30 p.m. from the port of Cangas and at 11:00 p.m. from the port of Vigo, and the estimated duration of the activity will be approximately three hours. Times and duration will be the same for those who prefer to enjoy the famous Perseids. In this case, passengers They will have a guide on board who will accompany them during the trip and will offer explanations of the astronomical phenomenon.

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