Pablo Carbonell talks about his book, his wife and his daughter

    A novel by Pablo Carbonell fell into my hands, actor, singer and street journalist in shows like ‘Caiga que caer’. A satire that invited me to immerse myself in its pages with a certain curiosity, “The names of imbeciles are written everywhere”. I was not deceived. That’s why I chose to call the author, knowing that concentrating on the conversation would be an impossible mission, super active as he is, so we went to eat on a terrace where the decoration invites calm and relaxation. reflection. The artist tells how he entered the sixties. “Very well, it seems to me better to achieve them than not to do them. I want to share with those who might be afraid of turning 60, that when I take a picture of myself and see it, I think that I am actually that age, but inside I feel like a child. Pablo Carbonell talks to us about his role as a father and the dangers of social networks. “It’s the first drug children take. The addiction to loss of reality that the networks subject themselves to is brutal, because it makes young people never satisfied with their lives, that’s why they need to escape and when that escape they can achieve it easily, bye very well,” he said.

    The artist recognizes that “we live in an emergency” and that he does not preach by example. “I am a victim of stress. Besides, I was not programmed to lie in a hammock sunbathing. I am incapable of losing myself in contemplating a painting, unless I am with people, trying to have a drink or listen to music” and reveals his new healthy life. “Now I walk a lot in the mountains, I haven’t drunk alcohol since confinement, not even a beer, that’s why confinement has done me good.” Precisely, it was during confinement when he wrote ‘The names of fools are written everywhere’, a black novel that I had in mind over 30 years ago about a man who is on death row because of a woman and has a lot of him. “There is a character who looks a bit like María, my wife, and when she read it she came to scold me. But when she told her it was fiction, she calmed down” , he says.

    Pablo Carbonell poses with Rosa Villacastín


    Pablo Carbonell admits that he does not watch television or fashion series. “None. 45 years ago I read a book by Wenceslao Fernández Flores, in which a man visited him to sell him some booklets, and he replied: ‘I don’t buy anything that has to do with the papers. ‘Well, in the same way I don’t watch TV,’ he says and talks about her daughter Mafalda and how she lives with arthrogryposis, a syndrome that affects his lower limbs and that has not allowed the proper development of his muscles, for which he underwent multiple operations. The musician is proud of her. “Yes, of course, because she is very strong, very confident, now she is going to be 14, she has been a pre-teen for two years, she is at the most difficult age,” she admits.

    Pablo Carbonell offers his most candid interview


    Pablo Carbonell talks openly about politics and answers: monarchy or republic? “I also like Kings and Juan Carlos. The Republic is a more modern system of government, but in Spain we can’t have it because we despise the political class, that’s why we change it, unlike the kings.” we changed them” and reveals why he believes that King Juan Carlos all your sins are forgiven. “Flirting, you would think that people dream of a better life, the one that King Juan Carlos has. Every time they bring up the subject of the Republic in Congress, I think: here the only one who has a lucky to be President of the Republic is King Philippe”.

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    Pablo Carbonell admits to being concerned about the fake news that reaches him, even if he admits to feeling respected. “People respect and love me. Perhaps because I am a person with a certain serenity, who knows how to value the good of democracy, that there are two political forces in continuous struggle, that seems positive to me” and reveals what scares him. “The disease, being a burden for my family. I hope that when it is in the final stretch, euthanasia will already be normalized” and tells us about his projects. “I made a video clip and you don’t know how much fun I had making it. Also a documentary about a very beautiful story, that of a disabled couple, in a wheelchair, who travels more than you and me together”. Pablo Carbonell is clear about what his wife, María, has meant in his life. “A lot of things: I think we make a good tandem, we are very united in the formation of Mafalda, our daughter, we have a relationship that borders on the idyllic, respect and appreciation of what each one does, that has given us allowed us to get out of the big potholes María put her tolerance to the test, because I am very messy, and she is a freak of cleanliness and order. She is a very good traveling companion » , he said.

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    wedding of Pablo Carbonell's parents

    Loan Pablo Carbonell

    “It’s my parents the day they got married, they look at each other and wish each other fabulous happiness.”

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