‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ announces its third competitor, with the soap opera by Ortega Cano and Rocío Carrasco

Glory Camila is the third confirmed competitor of nightmare in paradisereality tv show Telecinco in which several celebrities will live together in a farm devoid of any comfort.

Omar Sánchez, the Telecinco bomb for his new reality show that will lengthen the summer soap opera

Omar Sánchez, the Telecinco bomb for his new reality show that will lengthen the summer soap opera

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His name was revealed this Sunday during the broadcast of It’s summer and is added to a list in which they are already present Pee Estrada there Omar Sanchez.

Telecinco’s strategy seems quite obvious: to have in its new reality TV the representatives of the great conspiracies that have nourished the chronicle of the heart These last months.

It is quite possible that Pee Estrada continue to tighten the intimacies of the relationship he had with Terelu Campos; Omar Sanchez he is in the pillory for his break with Anabel Pantoja; Yes Glory Camila He participated in the marital crisis that affects José Ortega Cano (his father) and Ana María Aldón, in addition to speaking regularly about Rocío Carrasco.

The names of the other 13 candidates will be announced on the various network shows.

Who is Gloria Camila?

The Mediaset talk show host is the daughter of sworn dew there Jose Ortega Cano. His first appearance on television was in 2015 on the show Telecinco Women and men and vice versawhere she was a guest director.

His name has always appeared on talk shows and gossip magazines, so it has been claimed for programs in this sector. In 2017, he participated in survivors with his partner, Kiko Jiménez. A year later, she became a journalist for See you againsigned for come have dinner with me and ended up on TVE thanks to the series two livesa telenovela in which she was able to exercise her acting talents.

She was also a talk show host it’s already eight o’clock there It’s summer.

It will be ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, with Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera

nightmare in paradise This will be the great professional opportunity of Lara Alvarezafter years as a co-host of survivors. The Asturian, who precisely this Thursday 28 had even more importance when delivering the check to Alexander Grandson winner of the format, he will be in charge of the weekly galas for this new reality show.

In addition, it will transfer the daily life of coexistence on the farm to the spaces of access prime time who will be part of the TV coverage of the contest.

Charles Sovereignthat we saw one more year in Survivors: No Man’s Landwill be in charge of directing the weekly debates of the format, in which the most outstanding moments will be analyzed with the interventions of different collaborators and relatives and friends of the candidates.

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