Miret’s double gold

His name is Daniel Miret, is Carles Duran’s assistant coach at Joventut Badalona after defending himself every year from the lower categories, since this Sunday he is European champion, having won gold in command of the Spanish U18 national team and, in case he’s missing something, he’s one of the historic SuperManager kings. As it sound.

Born on June 25, 1985, the young coach everyone is talking about today for his fabulous Spanish bench championship was passionate about the popular game since his teens, participating in SuperManager in high school, when he shared sprints and challenges in private leagues with your old colleagues.

He didn’t stop doing it as he got older. Every Friday evening, a ritual, with half an hour to take the first notes of the day to come, to say the configuration of their teams and the final changes on the same Saturday, shortly before closing. An eye on each team’s next schedule, individual dynamics, any rival’s defensive gaps and even fluctuation for the Broker. The equation worked.

Accustomed to evolve in the best scores in the general, the first exploit of Daniel Miret in the SuperManager came in 2006-07, when in a the public league created for the last third of the championship was proclaimed championwith 2460.2 points and loot in the form of a reward.


The first joy, that of being invited, along with the rest of the stars of the competition, to the official presentation of the 2007 Playoffs, where he did not even dare to tell the players how many times he sold or bought them in the game . . “Having them so close is a strange feeling. For you, they are like family, even if of course they don’t know you”he confessed.

A few months later, it was time to enjoy the prize itself for his victory: no more and no less than a trip to the United States for two people, with an NBA match to be chosen by the champion. Yes Daniel He went to San Francisco, recounting his unforgettable experience in an acb blog. His life was about to take an unimaginable turn.

And it is that, in the same 2007 in which he tasted for the first time the honeys of success in the SuperManager, Daniel Good He is part of the club of his life, Joventut de Badalona, ​​​​where he alternates the different categories (mini, children, cadet) with his double life as a manager, where his voice is already beginning to be authoritative. This is how media such as Rac1 or Diari de Badalona understood him, where he even had his advice section in the SM, give hints and directions as an expert also on acb.comin whose forum he made many friends.

After having repeatedly flirted with the noble positions of the classification, brushing against the victories of the day, appearing in the first positions of the Broker and accumulating several Top 10 in the final classification of the season, in 2011 he came close to absolute triumph in the SuperManager. . In this edition, he finished in third final position, 13 points behind the winner. Daniel He took a watch and a ball from the acb, but staying so close to first place kept him motivated for future editions.

The now continental gold had its own method, with around eight teams per course and several unwritten rules to be strictly followed. One, long-term commitment to the leaders, without changing them too much; two, spending money on crosses, looking for inside rebounders and with few free-throw misses; three, having twenty trusted players and, with them, making the changes; four, do not trust the players themselves too much (already in La Penya, formerly Rudy he told him to sell it, because he was physically in bad shape, and he ended up with a valuation of 25); five, rule of thumb, don’t play rival players from your Joventut. In this, his love for Badalona outweighed his illusion for the SuperManager, so much so that even in his greatest moment of glory, in 2014-15, his Penya was indirectly represented.

On May 25, 2015, with his team “Ver-i-negre”, Daniel Miret he fulfilled his dream, becoming the king of the SuperManager, winning with 6101.8 points, 52 more than the second ranked. While years ago he was anonymous, this time his success has not gone unnoticed, with many media outlets highlighting the curiosity that an up-and-coming Penya coach was also a genius of the famous game.

“These are two totally different visions. As a Supermanager player, you have to bet on players who value easily and not on players who do a more thankless job. I don’t win because of my coaching vision, far from there, but because I watch a lot of basketball, I know the players, the team dynamics, the stats… but as a coach, I would play with a totally different team.”confessed in a report published by MARCA.

As in 2007, the SM appears again as a talisman for his own professional career. The call of the Spanish national team Sub15, their gold medal in the European Sub16 of 2019 and their definitive explosion in Joventut, hand in hand with a magic 2017-18 (champion with the junior of the tournament of L ‘Hospitalet, champion of Catalonia and vice-champion of Spain) who ended up giving him, at the young age of 33, the helm of CB Prat.

With the Joventut team tied, a relegation to LEB Plata to learn and a promotion to LEB Oro to grow more and more professionally, finally earning a place in the first team of Penya, his lifelong Penya. And, even though the SuperManager will still be there (He was even ironed, already as a popular character in the world, by acb.com to advise managers), prizes are now awarded by the profession with which he earns his living.

acb Photo / D. Grau

© acb Photo / D. Grau

Already as the first coach of the exciting U18 national team, Daniel Good faced the European with the main challenge of winning one of five U19 World Cup tickets. “Then the medal and then the best possible”, he admitted in the previous one, before deploying basketball enriched with defensive concepts of all colors, capable of stifling and disrupting the most powerful. Only hosts Turkey gave more than 60 points to a side capable of leaving Serbia on their own at 38 in the semi-finals.

A generous dose of calm on the bench and a rate of grit on the pitch, mixed with brilliant group management and a slate synonymous with champions. The perfect cocktail. The recipe for gold in Smyrna.

15 years ago, on returning from that trip to San Francisco enjoyed by the SuperManager, a university professor understood that he was going to the Olympic Games, asking him on his return if he had won a medal. Failing to know how to transmit all the magic of the game to someone who has never tried it before, this teacher must have understood it today:

Gold, in the sense of a manager… Daniel Miret It is made of gold.

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