Mercedes Milá has to go through the emergency operating room after her accident

  • The host suffered a bicycle accident in France and broke her humerus

  • The fall happened when she was trying to remove a gadfly that had bitten her

  • “The pain is increasing but it was not in my plans to ‘erase’ August”

Back in Barcelona after the bicycle accident suffered in France last week, Mercedes Milá ended up with a diagnosis very different from the one she received after being admitted to the Gallic hospital, where they performed the relevant tests and immobilized his arm for recovery. Convinced that the fractured humerus was clean and would not require surgery, the presenter, who underwent further tests at a medical center in Barcelona with his trusted doctor, he communicated to his followers via his official Instagram profile that the French doctors had been wrong in the assessment and the fracture suffered is much more serious from what was initially confirmed.

Through her Instagram profile, the journalist was very surprised by the results of the tests carried out in Spain, where her doctor carried out a test to check the condition of her arm. The news was disheartening for the doctor and for her, who sees how after ruling out going through the operating theater will be forced to undergo surgery Immediately. “My doctor, Rafa González-Adrio, did a CT scan today. I can’t believe the result. At the hospital in France, near where I fell, They assured me I had a clean fracture that didn’t require surgery and now it turns out I’ve destroyed the head of the humerus and it is urgent that he goes through the operating room”.

No holidays in August

The new diagnosis was a serious setback for Milá, who, despite acknowledging that is in severe pain, he had no intention of suspending his plans for this month of August despite his injury. Unfortunately, this cannot be the case due to his forced and urgent visit to the operating room. “It is true that the pain is increasing but it was not in my plans to ‘delete’ the month of August”, wrote the journalist, who threw a new nod to actor William Levy. “@willevy and a servant we find ourselves without a vacation”, wrote the presenter, who after the accident He had returned to Barcelona to recuperate with his family. “Dining with my family…that’s how easy it is to recover,” he told his followers just hours ago.

A gadfly responsible for the journalist’s accident

The accident for which the journalist will have to have an operation very soon occurred during a cycle route to cross some forests. However, the excursion ended abruptly when a bug appeared on the scene. “A horsefly bit me and in defense I dropped my right hand and went straight into a bramble. I noticed as I fell that my shoulder was broken. It took a long time to get me out and they took me to the hospital they did an x-ray and that the humerus was broken but there was no displacement so no need to operate”, He counted the hours after the accident without imagining that the reality on his return to Spain was going to be very different.

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