María Garralón reveals what she thinks of José Luis Fernández, Pancho in ‘Blue Summer’

blue summer is one of the most important series in the history of television in Spain. Its diffusion marked a whole generation and its characters remained in the memory of many Spaniards. The incomparable fiction of Antonio Mercero, was a mass phenomenon in a country. A single season of 19 chapters was enough for the series to penetrate deeply among the viewers. That’s why now, years later, viewers fondly remember the actors who took part in the casting. Now Maria Garrillonthe interpreter of Júlia, revealed the state of health of one of his companions, José Luis Fernández, Pancho in the series.

The series crossed much more than the Spanish borders, and marked a whole generation thanks to the topics which were treated there. The plot touched on sensitive subjects such as divorce, freedoms, the right to demonstrate, real estate speculation or even the environment. The series was filmed in Nerja and premiered on October 11, 1981, after months of intense filming. The result couldn’t be more satisfying and grateful.

Part of the cast of 'Verano Azul', where María and José Luís meet

Part of the cast of ‘Verano Azul’, where María and José Luis meet

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The link with blue summer It was so strong that the public also sympathized and was represented by the characters that appeared in the series. How can we forget characters like Chanquete (Antonio Ferrandis), Javi (Juanjo Artero), José Luis Fernández (Pancho), Bea (Pilar Torres), Tito (Miguel Joven) or Piraña (Miguel Ángel Valero). All of them quickly won the affection of the public, who have fond memories of them. Among the cast was also María Garralón, 69, who played Julia and who will soon celebrate 50 years dedicated to the profession.

This week, the actress attended the premiere of chained words, to Madrid. He talks to the press about his professional career and discusses his new professional projects. In addition, he also revealed how José Luis Fernández is, the actor who played the mythical character of Pancho in the series and who is currently admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The actress revealed that she is still in touch with many of her peers.

María Garralón during her appearance in 'Verano Azul' as Julia

María Garralón during her appearance in ‘Verano Azul’ as Julia

Maria Garrillon

“He’s fine and he’s still there and when he talks to us he gets very emotional, he loves us a lot and we love him,” María Garralón said of her co-star. For his part, the acting career of José Luis Fernández did not go very well after his success in blue summer. He tried his luck with music, but on this path he didn’t succeed either. His addiction problems landed him in a psychiatric hospital, where he remains today. That’s why his partner revealed how he is.

In fact, drugs and a bad life didn’t just end up in a mental hospital. They also led him to be arrested in 1989, after he robbed a girl of French nationality at gunpoint. Facts that ended up tainting his acting record. The interpreter, who is currently 58 years old, had to seek psychological help on several occasions.

Jose Luis Fernandez in

José Luis Fernandez in “Blue Summer”

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The actress also addressed questions about her career path, admitting she’s best known for her role as Julia on the show. María is very grateful to her fictional character and for the affection she received thanks to him. “I’m still Julia to the rest of humanity, but hey, I’m so grateful for this character and it’s those rewards that life gives you,” she says.

She, unlike José Luis, was lucky in the theater world, but not in the cinema. The actress swept the halls. “In the theater, I did such beautiful things, but they didn’t have such an impact. But on television, none of the characters that I did, I had so much affection from the people that it would be unfair to say this one.” he ended up telling the communication media present on the spot. She, like viewers, has very fond memories of blue summer.

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