María del Monte and her girlfriend take the final step after confessing their first child

Marie du Mont She is one of the most beloved singers in the Spanish press, despite the fact that she has always kept her distance. The public knows him for his talent, but also for situations that occurred in his life and which remain very mysterious. She’s got nothing to hide, which is why she’s stepped forward to reveal what her behind-the-lights routine looks like.

María del Monte took advantage of her presence at the LTGBI Pride in Seville to say that she had had a romantic relationship with a woman. It is important to specify that she never hid it, she always felt very proud of her partner. Inmaculada Casal, as the lucky lady is called, is fully integrated into the artist’s family and knows all her friends.

Image of María del Monte with her partner.


Maria confessed in the magazine Vanityfair that she was about to have a child, but the circumstances were not good. She confesses that she loves babies and that she would have loved to be a mother, although she does not regret having been left without this experience. He believes things happen for a reason and he’s always been happy next to Inmaculada, he doesn’t need anything else.

“I was about to adopt, but in the end it couldn’t be and if life tells you something can’t be, you have to listen to it. I love children and I love my nephews madly”, he explained in one of his most sincere interviews. After these declarations, he took the last step: to pose in front of the media with Inmaculada Casal.

María received an invitation to make an appearance at a charity gala held every year in Marbella. The goal being to raise funds for the fight against cancer, he therefore did not hesitate for a moment to accept the proposal. Displaying the friendliness that characterizes him, he allowed himself to be photographed next to his Immaculate Conception.

María del Monte sends an important message

Maria has a brilliant career behind her, but viewers do not follow in her footsteps just for this reason. What really made him great was his demeanor: he’s always excellent and no one caught him quitting. It is impossible to find anyone who speaks ill of her, everyone who knows her loves and respects her.

Assembly of María del Monte with her companion Inmaculada Casal

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Del Monte is making the most of the summer and has decided to spend a night in Marbella to help raise funds. He rubbed shoulders with many celebrities, such as Fabiola Martínez, but the press did not notice this detail. What matters is that this is the first time he’s made a public appearance next to Inmaculada after confessing his motherhood.

The singer sent a message that he only consolidated a good reputation: wants everyone to be happy. “You have to live savoring and being aware that life is something precious and you have to value every sunrise.” Social networks echoed these words, the public valued the sensitivity of the musical star.

María del Monte is clear on how she should behave

María made it clear that all is not well, which is why she considered taking legal action on several occasions. He understands the work of the press, but he demands the same respect it affords because he considers it fair. He knows when to act and entrusts the case to his lawyers, although luckily he hasn’t had too many problems.

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“As they attack people’s core values ​​such as the right to honor and privacy. I didn’t sell my life, I respect whoever does it, but I won’t allow anyone to do it For me, these declarations mark their limits and fortunately most of the media did not cross them.

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