Mallorca win Ibiza on penalties and finish pre-season unbeaten

The last pre-season friendly match Real Mallorca (first division) and University of Ibiza (Second Division) ended with Real Mallorca winning on penalties, after the 90 minutes ended in a goalless draw.

The trophy “Ibiza Town” it was for one Real Mallorca who was ineffective in attack, against an Ibiza who crushed a ball in the crossbar and who protected the Mallorcan rival at all times. Despite his bad game, the Real Mallorca He notably ends his pre-season undefeated and having conceded only one goal (against Napoli).

The trainers, Javier Baraja and Javier Aguirretheoretically bring together their best eleven – the ones they will eventually plant against Grenade there Bilbao Athletic Club in the imminent start of their respective leagues-, but the first part was very discreet. Mallorca took 36 minutes to approach the Ibiza frame, but the lukewarm shot from Muriqiin a possible foul, ended up with the ball in the hands of Fusato.

For their part, UD Ibiza, in the 39th minute, had their great opportunity: Suleiman Room he crushed a ball into the crossbar of the frame of Rajkovicwho made the statue before the good launch of the former CE Sabadell and Girona player.

The break was scoreless, after 45 minutes in which UD Ibiza were better against a totally flat Real Mallorca in attack.

The second half started with two shots from Maffeo and of Kang In Lee that Fuzato sent in a corner, and with changes in a Mallorca very forced to improve their performance in the attacking aspect. But Aguirre’s team didn’t attack, or attacked badly. Very bad. Just a header Rail in the 85th minute he disturbed the Ibizan team goalkeeper, who was never exceeded. If the good results guarantee the work of the Mallorcan team, their game is not convincing.

data sheet

UD IBIZA: Daniel Fuzato, Martín Pascual, David Goldar, Javi Vázquez, Cristian Herrera, Armando Shashoua, Morante, Zé Carlos, Suleimán Cámara, Ekain and Darío Poveda.

In the 63rd minute, Ángel Rodado and Appin replaced Darío Poveda and Armando Shashoua. In the 73rd minute, Miki Villar and Álvaro García replaced Martin Pascual. In the 78th minute Fran Grima, Alejandro Vázquez, Pape Diop, Sergio Castel came on for Goldar and Javi Vázquez. In the 85th minute, Cifuentes replaced Zé Carlos.

REAL MALLORCA: Rajkovic, Pablo Maffeo, Antonio Raillo, Martin Valjent, José Copete, Jaume Costa, Baba, Grenier, Dani Rodriguez, Kang In Lee and Vedat Muriqi.

At minute 46, Leo Román, Rodrigo Battaglia and Antonio Sánchez came on for Rajkovic, Baba and Grenier. In the 71st minute, Abdón Prats and Javi Llabrés replaced Vedat Muriqui and Dani Rodríguez. Gio, Lago Junior and Cufré came on in the 82nd minute, replacing Pablo Maffeo, Jaume Costa and Kang In Lee. In the 90th minute, Toni Frau replaces injured Javi Llabrés.



Sergio Castel (GOAL) 1-0

Abdon Prats (GOAL) 1-1

Rolled Angel (GOAL) 2-1

Antonio Raillo (GOAL) 2-2

Pape Diop (GOL) 3-2

Battle (GOAL) 3-3

Alex Galvez (GOAL) 4-3

Antonio Sanchez (GOAL) 4-4

Appin (GOALS) 5-4

Brian Cufré (GOL) 5-5

Miki Villar (to Leo Roman) 5-5

Junior Lake (GOL) 5-6

ARBITRATOR: Mateu Busquets Ferrer (Balearic Committee). Showed a yellow card to Jaume Costa (minute 26), Pablo Maffeo (minute 28)

INCIDENTS: Can Misses stadium in Ibiza. About 1,500 spectators. They were Captains Goldar and Raíllo. In the 89th minute, Mallorcan player Javi Llabrés suffered an injury with a hamstring problem.

Gonzalo Escobar and Juan Ibiza did not play for the Pitiuso team due to injury, and Ángel Rodríguez was absent from Mallorca, also due to physical problems.

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