Juan Miguel, Karina’s ex, victim of a puncture: “They injected me with ecstasy”

This summer the social alarm comes like punctures. The media warn of a worrying upward trend among young people, because there are more and more cases of punctures that occur with the presumed intention of chemical submission to victims of sexual abuse or theft, mostly girls, although there are also cases of boys. However, this Monday, a new case clearly shows that none of us are immune to this deplorable trend and that is that the victim of these punctures was Juan Miguelsinger’s ex-husband Karinewho was inoculated while attending a music festival in the Valencian Community.

Photo: Mediaset

The hairdresser Juan Miguel himself took on the task of recounting his harsh experience. He did this by connecting to the Antena 3 “Espejo Público” program, where he reported that was at a “big festival, with about 50,000 people inside” and that on leaving one of the reserved areas of the VIP area where he was taking advantage of the party to bring “the bracelet” to a friend, he felt a sting. “I felt like a prick, but not from a big needle, it’s like insulin. I got dizzy and went home”explains Karina’s ex-husband, who later realized that the fear was greater, when he discovered what had been injected into his body and that he could well have ended his life, maybe because of a simple, but dangerous, “joke”.

Juan Miguel felt worse when he returned home. He presented with more discomfort in his head, with dizziness and even fever. The next day he noticed that in the arm where he had felt the sting, there was a allergic reactionso he quickly went to the emergency room, where they confirmed the presence of ecstasy in his blood: “In the analyses, it shows that they injected me with ecstasy and that the other does not come out”. Denounce now publicly to give more visibility to this wave of stings that is putting the authorities in check and shining the spotlight on nightclubs and large concentrations of young people where there are more and more cases of chemical submission across this dangerous practice that it has become fashionable.

Photo: Public Mirror

Karina’s ex-husband considers himself lucky, despite everything, because in his case, he was lucky. The first fortune was found by having people who cared about him and who After feeling the first discomfort after the puncture, he was taken home. Perhaps if he had not been accompanied now, they would lament greater evils. Despite this, he must continue to deal with the consequences of this dirty mischief which seems to be in fashion this summer: “Now I have to prick my intestine for 14 days so that there are no more diseases”.

This, yes, Juan Miguel has not yet brought his case to the police station, which he will no doubt do, as he admitted to ‘Public Mirror’, and which will add to the more than 60 complaints that have alerted the authorities to this trend which is spreading across Europe. For the moment, these are isolated cases, which have not been accompanied by other crimes such as assaults or thefts, but this practice of chemical submission is not random, since it is mostly young girlsthe favorite victims of the depraved, who may not have achieved their goal when they found themselves in the public space, among a multitude of witnesses.

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