José Ortega Cano, forced to separate from his daughter after changing the will

Since the marriage between Jose Ortega Canothere Ana Maria Aldon began to be in the eye of the storm, the media kept hounding the couple. The truth is that after a few days in which neither of them appeared publicly, the controversy around them continues.

Likewise, the extortionist has already reached the limit and can no longer bear the media harassment. Undoubtedly, there have been several times when the right-hander has starred in a scene where he completely lost his temper. But now it takes a few days of the quieter

Of course, until now, I was going through a few brief moments of peace. And it is that yesterday, August 7, he discovered that the family conflict could worsen considerably after a drastic decision he made Glory Camila.

Serious Jose Ortega Cano

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A determination that the young woman could have accepted to get away from all the media scandals, but which, on the contrary, could harm her father.

Ortega Cano receives a heavy blow from someone who least expects it

Since then, Ortega Cano don’t win by not loving. In the midst of a family controversy in which the bullfighter is torn between divorce or reconciliation with Ana Maria Aldon, a new setback entered his life. On this occasion, hand in hand with his daughter.

Just a week ago, the former bullfighter was seen with his young son, José María, cycling through Costaballena. It was at this time that the press began to assail her with questions about her possible separation from the creator. After the insistence of the journalists present, the right-hander could not help but explode against them.

” Leave me alone ! he exploded. “Do you want me to get violent, to go to jail? Leave me alone, now leave me alone,” he exclaimed furiously, shouting.

However, everything indicates that this situation of media harassment could worsen with the new signing of Glory Camila to a new Telecinco format.

Likewise, we know that the third confirmed competitor of nightmare in paradise is, neither more nor less, than the daughter of José Ortega Cano. The influencer announced her participation live at It’s summer on August 7th.

As expected, everyone couldn’t help but think that the young woman has just joined the new format team at the most inopportune time for her family. In fact, the same presenter Frank Blanco asked him live.

“I’d rather go milk the cows right now,” he replied bluntly. This is nonetheless the truth because between the media war of Rociíto and, on the other hand, the scandal of her mother-in-law with her father, the young woman preferred to stay away.

Of course, Ortega Cano will not have been thrilled that his daughter is the new contender in this space. And it is that he was left without his pillar, so he will have to fend for himself. For this reason, Gloria Camila herself confessed that her father’s “is one of the parts that worries me the most.”

“I’m not leaving completely calm. I would like to be here and support him. But I think it will be good for us to part ways and for him to make his decisions,” he said. There is no doubt that this new adventure will serve the young woman to get rid of all family conflicts. Sure, maybe monopolize the odd title for what you have to comment on Ana María and Gema Aldón.

But for the moment, we do not know if the influencer prefers to put aside the controversy or, on the contrary, will choose to continue the family media war.

Gloria Camila Ortega

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Gloria Camila joins the new Telecinco adventure

There is no doubt that nightmare in paradise promises to be a success. For Joseph’s daughter Ortega Canothe new Telecinco format will be in the second reality in which he participates. Remember the first was survivorswho competed hand in hand with her boyfriend at the time, Kiko Jimenez.

On the other hand, young people influencer will have to live with, for now by the contestants who have been confirmed so far, Pee Estrada there Omar Sanchezex-boyfriend of Anabel Pantoja.

As the days go by, new faces will be revealed who will join the team in this space. For the sake of Gloria Camila and José Ortega Cano, let’s hope that one of these new candidates does not come to disturb the tranquility so long awaited by the young woman before even starting.

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