Itchy throat due to Covid-19, how to tell them apart and how many days does it last?

There are various reasons why we may have itching in our throat. However, since covid entered our lives, we wonder what are the dubious symptoms caused by colds, flu or allergies, and thus be able to differentiate it from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to the WHO, the main symptoms of covid are cough, fever and fatigue. Instead, there are many other signs that you might have this disease, and the sore/itchy throat may be one of them. But how do you tell it from a normal itchy throat or an itchy itch caused by an allergy or the flu?

What is the difference between an itchy throat covid and an itchy cold?

Both diseases are caused by viruses, covid is caused by SARS-CoV-2 and the common cold is mainly caused by rhinovirus. These viruses are transmitted in very similar ways and cause many of the same symptoms, and when it comes to itchy and sore throats, usually arises in both diseases.

However, the WHO has warned this symptom may start mild at first and gradually get worse. And some specialists say the key to distinguishing itchy and sore throats from the coronavirus is that it’s usually preceded by dry tones.

Another symptom that we can see to differentiate it would be fever, since the covid virus usually causes it and not the common cold. Diarrhea or vomiting, symptoms that hardly ever appear derived from a cold, could also be a differentiating factor and, with this, the loss of the sense of taste or smell, a symptom that occurs less in the cold (unless we have a stuffy nose).

When it comes to flu and covid, both illnesses can have similar symptoms, and because of their similarities, it can be difficult to diagnose which illness you have based on symptoms alone. You may also have the two diseases at the same time. However, there are some differences: loss of taste or smell does not usually occur in flu patients, just as fever does not usually occur either, but not always. As a precaution, it is recommended carry out a screening test make sure.

How many days does it last?

The latest variant of covid, the omicron variant, has determined that one of the most common symptoms for people infected with this latest variant is a sore throat. But when is this pain relieved?

Many patients report having suffered from a sore throat accompanied by a dry cough during their infection. This sore and itchy throat can sometimes cause episodes of hoarseness. And although the persistence of symptoms over time is not common, it is not abnormal in a high percentage of sufferers. persistent lust

Considering this, we cannot tell you for sure how many days this sore throat might last, as there are currently known cases of patients who have suffered from the covid virus and have not fully recoveredwith multiple chronic symptoms after infection that diminish over time.

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