“It wouldn’t be bad if they had me as a presenter or a jury on a reality TV show”

the Grenadine rose lopez then sing August 13 to Maracena presenting his New album Fenix. Each show is a new challenge, but the objective does not change: to appreciate and make others appreciate what we do.

The singer wants it to be a “unique experience”. The Phoenix Tour is: ”a project that opens my new scene as an independent artist. It makes me very happy to be back on stage, which is why I want to relive with you all the successes that have accompanied me during these 20 years, which is said soon”, expresses López. “During the show, my 4 dancers accompany me, we will dance, sing, jump and release all the adrenaline in this roller coaster of emotions”, says the artist.

An independent artist who does what she loves and how she loves

rose lopez She is a woman eager to learn, eager to live, without fear of continuing to perform. different papersunafraid of labels and feeling increasingly powerful and in control of his life.

He was born in a polygon of Grenade. Housekeeper surrounded by love, affection and customs. His values ​​are based on his first experiences, which were the most sincere; love, generosity, empathy, affection, work, family… When she was little, her father taught her power of music connect with people and how music can make noise about the values ​​and causes he believes in, the good and most generous side of his occupation.

From an early age, she was seduced by this very generous idea, the power to evacuate people from their problems, to add sound to certain moments, to inspire, to be able to make people dance in the town square, to be able to count and transmit, all this magical imagination made him get on what he considers his shuttle; Operation Triumph and from there to this day. One of the things he likes the most is being able to give himself space to continue to know and learn. You don’t want to be ignorant and just stand there. He pretends to assume that he doesn’t know everything for keep learning and moving forward.

pure fire

-What expectations do you have regarding your next concert in Maracena?

-I would like them to be the most beautiful, the most positive and the greatest! Because I’m at home and I’m going there with great enthusiasm, of course, and with this tour Phoenix full of fire

Have you ever wanted to remain anonymous?

-No, when I started I took it for granted that anonymity would be the first thing that would be affected. This profession is closely related to feelings, different and also very magical situations are experienced, but that does not mean that I do not miss certain circumstances that I have experienced before.

”I would participate in a reality show that would give me experience, quality, it would be good and white”

-What makes you most proud of your professional career?

-Well, being able to take charge of my career is the most incredible thing in years and what I am most proud of. I’m also proud of the people I’ve met along the way who are now an amazing team. As well as the special moments with my friends at work that make me feel incredibly fulfilled.

-What have these 20 years of music meant to you?

-A lot of learning and a great inner journey. These 20 years have also been something that I’m super proud of to have come out of so many adventures and to continue here.

What was your best experience on stage?

-There is a lot of! But the best?… This one is still to come!

“I’m preparing for the winter season in case I can give my audience a special surprise and a ninth studio album that will also be released”

– How is Rosa López today?

– Well, in one of the best times of life. 41 years of eating life in bites!

-Do you want to participate again? reality?

-I would participate in the one who gave me experience, quality, who was beautiful and white. And it wouldn’t be bad if, in addition, they had me as a presenter or as a jury. It would also serve as a medium for my music and whatever is to come.

– What projects do you have in mind?

-This year 2023 is loaded with projects that add to this Fénix tour which will continue to be active and also in a more powerful way. I am also preparing for the winter season in case I can give my audience a special surprise. Oh! And a ninth studio album which will also see the light of day.

The artist

rose lopez (Granada, January 14, 1981) is a Spanish singer of various musical genres. He ventured into music as a teenager as the lead singer of various bands in the province and city of Granada. In the 2000s, he became known as an artist by winning the first edition of Operation Triumphwhere he received the nickname Rose of Spain. Some time later, he represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002which was the most followed in the country since there are official audience statistics and in which it obtained the seventh position with Europe is living a partya song that became his first musical hit and reached number one on the Los 40 radio count.

In 2002, he recorded his first album Pinkwhich reached number one on the list of Promusic with sales records. The following year, he reached the same position for two consecutive weeks with his second album Now and reached another number one on Los 40 with the song the essence of your voice. For this he received the Dial the price to one of the most outstanding performers of 2003 in Spain. Three years later, he received the Gold Antenna Award for his work in the music world. Over the next few years, she continued to be active, releasing a series of recordings that reached the top of the aforementioned list. In addition, he participated in several entertainment programs; in the third edition of Look who’s dancing! was proclaimed the winner, while in the fifth edition of Your face is familiar to me finished second. At the same time, the return of participants from Operation Triumph 2001 in the OT series: Reunion, It was one of the most watched events of 2016 in Spain. He also created his first reality show under the name of I am Rosa. In June 2022, he publishes until then, his last discographic work, the single This beauty. Throughout his career, has sold over a million copies of his albums and accumulate in total seven platinum discs and four gold discs.

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