“It was the first time I experienced something like that”

    Otmar Szafnauer, the main team of the Alpine team, is going through one of his most difficult moments of the season with his team, following the well-known sit-in of his always pilots Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri.

    After the meltdown that began with Fernando’s signing by Aston Martin, the Romanian detailed and further analyzed Alonso’s decision, from Alpine’s perspective.

    Disappointed but not surprised

    It was the first time I experienced something like that, that’s for sure. Although I’m not completely surprised, because I have experienced other situations and stories on both sides, on the driver’s side and on the team’s side. But, in my case, I had never experienced anything like it.Otmar Szafnauer was so clear when he reviewed the latest highlights of his sporting career, which recognizes the hard blows taken in just two days for his current team.

    Regarding Fernando’s move, who, as Alpine points out, was playing both sides until the last moment, Szafnauer prefers to present his team as an innocent victim of the situation, criticizing the lack of decorum in Alonzo’s handling of the situation: “I can’t be naive enough not to know the rules of the Formula 1 game, I’ve been through many stories. Pero, personalmente, creo que soy un hombre íntegro y que si me compromise a algo mantengo mi palabra, es la forma en la que he crecido, lo que me transmitió mi padre… Pero bueno, he heard que no todo el mundo hace las cosas in the same way.“, had to declare the team leader, who also took the opportunity to justify the excitement on social networks with the video of Alonso crossing Oviedo, when Otmar said he was in Greece and could not contact him ; before what seems, a new lie from Fernando.

    The orientations of the negotiations

    Regarding the Fernando case, a driver whom they acknowledge having lost all union for 2023, Szafnauer wanted to justify Alpine’s intentions in its attempt and determination to renew Alonso, giving more details on the explanations he already had. given a week ago:As with everyone in life, there comes a time when age affects your psychological abilities, your eyes, your brain, your muscles, your nervous system… They decline. Schumacher, at 42, was beaten by Rosberg. At 38, that wouldn’t have happened. And it happens to all of us. Because of that, we thought with Fernando it was a year, plus a year, plus a year. And he wanted guarantees of more time“, he pleaded in Romanian, in defense of the proposed 1 + 1 contract, instead of 2 + 1, as Alonso wanted, attributing the decline in Alpine confidence directly to the age of the driver.

    Likewise, the president also mentioned the contacts between Lawrence Stroll and Alonso, which we already know have come from afar: “As far as I know of the years I spent in Formula 1, and given the fact that I was at Aston Martin last year, I could say that Fernando already had conversations last year, or he two years ago, really.…” recalls Otmar. Finally, regarding the possible aggressive strategy of Stroll’s father, in the negotiations with Alonso, the former Aston Martin maintains: “Yes, it seems possible, not logical, but possible. and probably…”, in another small dart towards the one who has been his team for several seasons, and who is now returning to ‘play him’.

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