If you want to use your Apple AirPods on Android, this is your app

The Android community presents CAPod, a companion app for using AirPods on Android which is also free and open source.

If you want to use your Apple AirPods on Android, this is your app

If you have moved from iPhone to Androidsomething quite rare these days, surely you have realized that no application allows you use your AirPods wireless headphones with all their functions on AndroidAnd it is that Apple is still determined to keep its services and products within the walls of Cupertino.

We are facing a case similar to that of transferring files between iOS and Android via Bluetooth, that Apple sticks to its proprietary AirDrop protocol, and in this case although you can connect the AirPods to an Android mobile and listen to your music or make callsthe truth is that so far, and although Google has released most of its apps and services also on iOS, there are not any companion app which allows us to make the most of to none of the headphones true wireless of the Apple.

airpod pro

AirPods are intended for use with Apple products only.

And we said so far because the developer community got to work, and indeed since xda-developers introduce ourselves CAPod, the first AirPods management app for Android which is also open source and completely free for users.

here we leave you the link to your presentation and download page a Google Play Store:

Download (free) CAPod – Companion for AirPods | Google Play Store

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Between the functions that have been lost without companion app in Android for the AirPods there were precisely a few key options such as the battery check available on each headset individually, as well as in the charging case, or also the possibility of edit playback controls of the helmet.

And this is precisely what CAPod comes to offer us, which becomes the most decent alternative to effectively pair Apple AirPods with any Android deviceextending its functionality outside of the iOS ecosystem.

CAPOD Screenshots

This is how the ‘CAPod’ application is displayed on an Android smartphone.

If you liked the AirPods but were not satisfied with the default options, which are the only ones possible on Android, now with CAPod you can scan the environment of the smartphone search for compatible Apple or Beats headset models, revealing an information card that will show us a lot of useful information: signal parameters, device status, battery percentage separately for each earphone and its case, whether each earphone is put in the box or in the ear, whether the audio is playing or not , which earphone acts as a microphone, And so, a long etcetera…

The application promises to improve, and despite the fact that it offers us multiple data that it was impossible to obtain on Android, for now still can’t allow us to reassign orders or enable AirPods compatibility with smart assistants on androidsomething that would be ideal to come full circle.

Other the options we see below are those of bringing the Spatial audiofor example, and we assume this will require software and licenses that surely Apple integrates in its devices in an exclusive and protected way.

Something is something, anyway, so You no longer have to throw away your AirPods or resell them at a loss if you switch from Apple and their iPhones to any Android device… Good news!

Download (free) CAPod – Companion for AirPods | Google Play Store

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