How Music Sessions #52, the success of Bizarrap and Quevedo, was recorded

Shaving close to Quevedo they became the great sensation of the European summer thanks to “Music Sessions #52″ by the Argentinian producer which has the Spanish artist as a guest. “Stay that the night without you hurts”says the chorus that sounds everywhere.

In the past few hours, Biza has shared some images showing the “kitchen” creation and recording of the tube.

Bizarrap shared the feedback from the session with Quevedo:

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“3 weeks in a row #1 worldwide on Spotify. Thank you very much people for this immense support that you give to the song. Let’s go for more,” the Argentine described on his social media.

Achievements of the session

The eye-catching”Musical sessions #52″ is the most listened title in the world. After three weeks, the song does not seem to stop with its success.

In turn, “Stay” -the name by which it is popularly known- entered for the first time in a major ranking of the United States, the Hot 100 billboard.

The song entered at number 98 on the list. As the agency reports EFEthis place is exclusively due to streaming reproductions, since it does not have the support of the radio stations of the North American country, which represent a large percentage of the final rating and greatly benefit the Anglo-Saxon artists.

Thanks to the reception that the collaboration had in Spain as well as in Latin America, the song appears at number one on the Billboard world chart. In turn, the session became the most listened to in the world in streaming. “World #1 on Spotify. Thank you Quevedo bro for being a part of this. I can’t believe it. Hold on to Argentina LPM! Thank you!” Bizarrap wrote on his Instagram account.

Bizarrap shared the feedback from the session with Quevedo:

The day of its debut has become the theme with the most accumulated reproductions in a single day on Spotify Spain, with more than 2.5 million, surpassing the previous record of “You let me love” by C.Tangana, which reached 1.6 million views.

The odd numbers

Recently, the artist broke his own record by surpassing 28 million listeners monthly on Spotify. Bizarrap became Argentina’s most famous and successful producer. He specializes in genres such as trap, hip-hop and electronic music.

Their two BZRP musical sessions how his Freestyle Sessions have become so famous around the world, that artists such as Nicky Jam, Paulo Londra, Residente, Nicki Nicole, Anuel AA and L-Gante have already participated.

The music producer keeps growing (Photo: Instagram/bizarrap).

He dropped out of the marketing degree at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) when he realized that music interested him much more. And he began to study music. He plays synthesizer, sampler, turntable and guitar. Remember that his first hit was the remix of “I don’t sell trap”, by rapper Duki, which he recorded and filmed in his home studio.

Later, Paulo Londra, Bad Bunny, Dani, Ecko and Khea invited him to remix their songs. Today, he has over 15 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, with over 4.5 billion views.

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