Here’s how Amazon will spy on 18 million homes from the inside

Amazon is still determined to become an even bigger company by making gigantic purchases. We already told you last week that the company had decided to make another multi-million dollar acquisition, which this time was the iRobot company, responsible for Roomba Smart Robot Vacuums. This purchase, valued at $1.7 billion, is the most interesting for Amazon, since thanks to it you can “spy” inside 18 million homes. We tell you more.

The latest models of this smart robot vacuum cleaner are able to map an entire house, something that could give a lot of information about our homes. As we will see below, this purchase from Amazon is an excellent business decision that can bring a lot to the company.

Roomba vacuum cleaners, some spies

As they say, the takeover of the iRobot company by Amazon represents another great acquisition for the company. We’re talking about the maker of the most popular smart robot vacuum cleaners, so it’s very clear that Amazon will make a lot of money selling these types of products. Now this purchase could have a “side effect”, and that is that thanks to these robots it is possible to obtain a map of our houses.

It’s no secret that the smart home is a priority for Amazon. Its Echo speakers are one of Amazon’s most successful products, surpassing its direct rivals Apple and Google in sales. However, the company still lacked a device capable of mapping the interiors of our homes, and with iRobot’s products, it’s more than the supplies that need them, because, as we’ve said before , these smart devices are among the most popular in the industry.

Amazon iRobot

The newest products from the company iRobot have a technology that receives the name of Smart cards, with which they are able to make a fairly precise mapping of each room in our house. Customers who own these products can choose not to share this data, but the reality is that all this data can be of great value to marketers.

The size of a house can indicate, for example, the level of wealth of a family, because it is assumed that a larger house is only accessible to a family in good financial health. Another example we can give of this is that if your house is full of toys, that means there are children in the house, so it would work perfectly to display product-related ads for them. If the robot detects that there is no or very little furniture in the house, it would be interesting to try to sell more furniture to this family.

Amazon isn’t the only company wanting to map our homes. Apple, for example, introduced a tool that uses laser scanners in the latest iPhones to create 3D models called “bedroom plan“. What is clear is that this purchase by Amazon is an excellent business decision that will bring millions of dollars in profits and perhaps with them also a lot of information about our homes.

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