from fame to musical failure, theater and psychiatry

The hearts of several generations have collapsed with this scene where Pancho, in blue summerran along the beach to tell the sad news to his summer friends: “Whitebait is dead, whitebait is dead“.

The actor who played him, José Luis Fernández Expósito, was from the first broadcast one of Spain’s most famous actors, consideration he shared with his co-stars, very popular faces in a Spain of the 80s where there was practically no programming and in a series reissued in the summer after summer for many years.

José Luis Fernández’s name, “Pancho”, came back to the present day thanks to actress María Garralón, who was his casting partner of blue summerwhere he gave birth to Julia, the adult who acted as an advisor and guide for the children of the gang.

Garralón revealed that the actor remains admitted to a psychiatric center and still maintains a relationship with his former colleagues. “He has his good seasons. It’s good and that’s it. When he talks to us he gets very excited. He loves us very much and we love him. He is doing well and improving little by little and with the love of his family, enough medicine,” the actress said.

After finishing the first broadcast of Verano Azul, José Luis Fernández and his co-star Juanjo Artero (Javi in blue summer) tried their luck with music, creating the Pancho and Javi group. songs like winter dreams oh when it’s good for youof the disc Summer Lovethey were barely heard, so the group ended up dissolving without pain or glory.

Then begins a little known period, although apparently the actor, still very young, started having substance abuse issueswhich could lead him to play in the theft for which he was arrested.

In 1989 he jumped to all titles as José Luis Fernández Expósito had been arrested for robbery at gunpoint a woman, a French citizen, as she exited a parking lot in Madrid.

“The actor pulled a 7.65 millimeter Star pistol out of his clothes, according to police sources.Don’t be nervous…it’s a robbery,’ he told the driver“, The newspaper El País published at the time. Among the items seized was a piece of heroin. The gun was out of order and had no ammunition.

At the time, in 1989, the same newspaper published this: “Sources from the actor’s family said that he suffers from nervous breakdowns coinciding with the changing weather seasonsthat’s why he was treated for years in a psychiatric clinic”.

Years later, he resumed his vocation as an actor by playing a few roles in the theater and above all, dubbing certain voices in the popular animated series Once upon a time there was a man.

More recently, in 2012, he participated in a collaboration as an actor in the web series Mambru’s Children, by Óscar Parra de Carrizosa and Mario Bravo. The story, in a comic tone, chronicles the misadventures of four Civil War soldiers and some well-known actors and characters have appeared there making cameos.

Little is known about the actor who gave life to Pancho, which started a few years ago the plan to write a book with their experiences during the filming of the series and the years that followed.

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